Why is there a 300 ms delay by default for "click to focus"?

I just found and turned it into “0 ms” after being very frustrated for a good while from the delay before the task manager items respond (at least when they are grouped, to bring up the list of items). I was starting to wonder if there was something very seriously wrong with my computer to make it run at turtle speed, or some fundamental issue with KDE Plasma.

But now it seems to instantly bring up the list whenever I click the task manager group. Why would anyone ever want a delay every time they do that? It really boggles my mind. 300 milliseconds really do add up when you click things down there a million times a day.

This is just one of numerous “insane defaults” that I’ve found, but luckily, unlike on Windows, you can change them if you look carefully and long enough in the GUI settings. (I really hope that this philosophy won’t change with Plasma 6.)

I’m genuinely curious to hear what possible reason there could be for such a delay by default. I’ve seen the same thing with printscreen programs, such as Greenshot, which also have this “delay by default”, which caused me similar frustrations and seems to have no purpose other than to annoy the user. But hopefully there is a good reason that I just can’t figure out!

You can’t expect this not to change.
Settings come and go, but we retain the most relevant and popular for sure.

A bunch of defaults are being tweaked for plasma 6.

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On the top of my head, it is because without a delay, hovering with the mouse over the icons the window grouping thumbnail would flicker as the mouse moves from an element to the next and look bad.

That’s a default that can be tweaked but I still think 0ms would be too fast, but perhaps 100ms would be sufficient, and with Wayland we have much better rendering.

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I suppose this makes sense, but those thumbnail pop-up things are the first things I disable (and found ways to disable while I was still on Windows) because of how annoying they are!

This is worrying to say the least, but hopefully the KDE team’s idea of what is “relevant” and “popular” is wildly different from Microsoft’s… :frowning:

I’ve been using Openbox since 2005-ish. I’ve always done my setups in a Bang mindset which wasn’t an openbox DE but an idea of what could be done, not by devs, but by the user. No De, no defaults ( or hardly). Panels, scripts,fm’s etc etc…do whatever you want. If something goes berserk or not to my liking, I’m the one to blame. Guess, well…“guess”, if you’re into the DE business, some balances as to relevance, sanity and popularity have to be made.

Myself I disable always window grouping.
As contributors, we always have to think through others people eyes, our personal preference is only a datapoint.
There is no solution fits them all, that’s why we have settings to try to round up corners.