Why isn't Krita billed as photo editing software?

A few years ago now, I switched my design workflow over to 100% FLOSS tools. I settled on Krita for photo editing; it works really well for this use case. It has all the tools you need, and what it lacks compared to Adobe is mostly cruft - bunk like generative AI tools that most professionals don’t need.

The single competent FLOSS alternative on GNU/Linux is literally named an ableist slur, and its interface is leagues behind Krita. What I don’t understand under these circumstances is why Krita’s website bills the software entirely as a digital painting tool? There are entire youtube series’ dedicated to using Krita for photo editing; I’ve been using it professionally for ages, and yet the Krita team seems to solely think of it as a painting tool.

I think the time is past due to promote Krita as a photo editing tool. There is surely a decent existing photo-editing userbase, and it seems a shame to me that people searching for a FLOSS Adobe Photoshop alternative surely take a look at the Krita website and assume, as I did at first, that it’s not a suitable tool for their work!


Totally agree. I only discovered this software when I was looking for a drawing program for my android tablet. Now it replaced Photoshop on all my PCs

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