Why the names BlueDevil and PowerDevil?

I suppose the first one is related to the car product(?), but what about the second one?
Ic there didn’t had explanations on the internet but I wonder about these names

I guess it has to with the linux deamons. Deamon is modern Greek is equivalent to devil. :slight_smile:

BlueDevil because it handles Bluetooth. PowerDevil because it’s responsible for power management. Apparently PowerDevil was first, introduced here without further explanation of the name. BlueDevil then mirrored the naming. I thought I remembered it to stand for something like “DEVice Interface Layer”, but was probably wrong. Either way I wouldn’t read too much into it, just the original developer’s own definition of fun naming.

KDE probably wouldn’t keep these names if they had to be visible to the end user that doesn’t follow enthusiast Plasma content. As background services though, it’s not something most people care about much to begin with.

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