Why was Baltan effect removed?

The Baltan effect was removed, it was something that I used often and now I can’t produce video anymore.

Why do developers indiscriminately remove effects?

Why is this effect not an optional reinstall for users who want it?

The other effect that was pushed is utter rubbish and doesn’t produce the same effect I am looking for.

Can the devs take a little bit of wisdom onboard and include the option for people who want the Baltan effect to be able to use it by having the ability to install effects that they want??? Rather than assuming that people don’t want that effect and remove it without considering the user base…

They don’t. All effects in kdenlive are provided by the MLT Framework. If they don’t have, Kdenlive doesn’t. Just recently, MLT renamed several effects without telling anybody. Kdenlive team researched that and now the effects are back.

Please log a bug report so that the Kdenlive team can start looking into this. Thanks.

BTW, I find your demeanor very unbecoming towards a small team of very dedicated people that bring a totally free software to you that delivers a lot of functionality …


No, actually, the frei0r project did, and I complained about it

But the latest release of MLT includes code to make the renamed effects available under both old and new name to provide project/script backwards compatibility. I bet it’s the only project that has done this. I doubt FFmpeg or gstreamer will do the same.


Thanks for the correction! And thanks for creating the backwards compatibility.