Wierd behavior when using filters in reports

Not sure if this is bug or “user error”.
I try to make custom report for net investment.
I started with copy of net worth report. then I tried to filter out fixed assets (like cars, properties etc) the stocks value goes to zero too. If every account is active value of stocks shows correctly, if I untap any of the accounts away stocks value goes to 0.

Do I do something wrong or is this bug in filters.
without filter.
Any account filtered out

system windows 11, kmymoney 5.1.3

Can we have a hint about what weird behavior you have? Then maybe someone can explain it.

Well I i filter out for example “cars”, the value of stocks (osakkeet) shouldnt drop from 44285,35 € to 2,05€. The asset car does not have any assosiation with stocks. That 2,05 is cash in brokerage account. I think this is a bit wierd behavior that if you filter out something else also the value of stocks changes as show in screenshots

We really need more detailed information, or maybe even a sample kmy file that demonstrates the problem. So you have a report (what type of report, please) shows a total value of 44285,35, but when you apply a filter of “cars” the value drops to only the value in one particular brokerage account? What other accounts (types and names) is the rest of that money in?
Are you sure you are filtering OUT “cars” and not filtering to show ONLY “cars?”

Apologies - I only saw your second post, and not the original when I first looked. I’m still not used to Discuss. I’ll reply again once I’ve looked at the details you already provided.

OK, your net worth report shows two accounts, but it is clearly not the entire report, as the Total Asset is greater than the sum of the two shown. Does anything change in any of the other accounts? There are two columns shown. Are these just different time points?
What exactly are you doing to filter out the fixed assets? Are you just unchecking other accounts? Were those accounts shown anywhere on the report, and if so, do their values change?
Can you create a sample kmy file, with only three or four accounts which still shows the problem? I’m really not yet sure whether there is a bug or just something about how the report filters work that doesn’t match your expectations.

said which report already in first message. And values are in first sceenshots also.
Not a Total value but assets account “stocks” has an value of 44285,35, total value was 499121,55 and after filtering out cars (value 0), STOCKS drops to 2,05 and total value drops to 454832,92. Either total value and stocks value should not change when cars are filtered out. Total value reflects the change in stocks values.

Report: Copy of Net Worth Today.
Then I apply filter to remove asset accounts I am not interested and leave every other account tapped.
What happens is that Stocks value changes as illustrated on screenshots.
Rest of the assets values shows correctly.
Net worth report without filter:

Net worth report Cars removed!

Filter picture:

It will take me some time to test this, both in 5.1.3 and master branch, in case there was I bug I can’t remember being fixed in the meantime. At least I do not suspect any difference between Linux and Windows for this issue.

The reason Might be that those stock accounts type is “investment” and when filtering they do not get counted, but if unfiltered they do get counted

I need to check whether having ALL accounts checked avoids checking at all, or still checks, but ends up including all accounts. If you change the configuration to show all details instead of just totals, you can see that by unchecking even one other asset account, all the stock accounts no longer show any values (not values, as opposed to 0 value.) I also need to check whether there may already be a bug reported for this. It is now sounding somewhat familiar, but I don’t remember any details.

I changed setting to show all.
When not filtered, all investment accounts shows every stock and their values
when filtering It shows the accounts but not the stocks and their values.


Filtered (cars removed)

I think this is the same issue as 460079 – Net Worth reports are dropping investments, and as I just added there, I wonder if by adding any account filter, the individual security accounts are being excluded in some systematic manner. I’ll need to dig into the code.

I hope this added some more glues to that bug.