WiFi became disabled in an odd way: verify a checksum on an external file

This just happened. Here’s the steps to reproduce:


  • Wayland on Kubuntu 23.04
  • Ventoy, on a usb is connected.
  • Was moving an ISO to Ventoy when I put it to sleep by closing my laptop lid.
  • Woke device from sleep. No network. Also the network menu from the task bar was unresponsive (couldn’t toggle wifi, it was left checked (on))
  • Copy job finished. Still no network.
  • Verified checksum on the iso i just copied. Finished ok, desktop became unresponsive for a few moments.
  • Ejected USB, WiFi came back. System is fully responsive.

I was just really odd. And I wonder if anyone could provide some insight as to why this might have happened.