Window Components Wobbling When Resizing QtQuick Applications

I noticed that when resizing windows of QtQuick apps, there is an ugly “wobbling” of the UI. There is a bug report for it on the qt website (QTBUG-51112)

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any progress in fixing the issue in Qt. This affects apps like discover and system monitor which presumably use QtQuick. Here is a video of the wobbling in action
I can replicate the issue on my machine with this simple QML:

import QtQuick

Window {
    height: 600
    width: 800
    visible: true

    Rectangle {
        color: "blue"
        height: 200
        width: 400

A video of what happens when I resize this QML window is here

My question is basically if there is any work around for this wobbling. Maybe some work has already gone into avoiding it since my simple QML example shows much more extreme wobbling than the KDE apps I’ve tried.

This is all on Qt 6.6.1, Fedora 39 and Wayland but I encounter the same issue in X too.