Window confusion

On two computers running KDE Neon and Wayland, I have a problem selecting my windows, if there’s a window behind it.

If I e.g. have a program behind my browser, when I activate the browser window by clicking inside it, the window behind it gets focused and raised above the browser-window I clicked.

Also when clicking buttons in the browser, if a button exists in the window behind it, in the same location (under the mouse), it’s the button in the window behind that gets activated.

It’s pretty inconvenient, because I unwillingly do stuff I didn’t mean to…

What can I do?

That seems like a serious bug in Kwin, and warrant reporting in

For troubleshooting, I will first try to disable all desktop effects (some cannot be disabled just chosen between alternatives, in which case make sure to select the default). If after that the problem does not reproduce - then you can turn things back on, one by one, to find the one that causes the trouble.

Does this happen only with a browser involved, or can you reproduce this with any two applications? If its just with a browser - are you using an “interesting” browser (i.e. not Firefox/Chrome)?

Hi - thanks for your reply.

All effects are the default. And it is not restricted to any specific type of application. It seems like it’s cascading if multiple windows are layered.

I haven’t figured out how to provoke the bug, it seems like it’s all of a sudden - but for a while. I thought it was fixed after the 6.0.3 update, because It was fine for a while. But then it went berserk, and right now I can’t make it happen.

If you can reproduce the issue, please try to take a screencast (use the “recording” tab in Spectacle) and create a report on Thank you!

It seems to be something deeper - maybe a Plasma thing. I also run into the problem using X11.

When I experience the problem, I can open another TTY and run DISPLAY=:0 kwin --replace &, and then it’s fixed - until the next time the problem emerges.

Sounds like a kwin bug. It would be really good if you can open a ticket at about it - especially if you can attach a screencast.

After the latest update, it seems like the bug is fixed. For the past 2 days, I’ve had no problems - what a relief. Someone has done a good job!

Oh no, the problem persists…

Looks like the problem has already been reported multiple times - this looks like the best bug report to track: 478556 – With NVIDIA or AMD GPUs on X11, sometimes left or right clicking on IntelliJ IDE windows or a Plasma panel instead interacts with Plasma desktop