Window Not Absorbing Clicks and Going to Window Behind?

Peek 2024-04-16 10-56

I have two windows of IntelliJ here open in Plasma 6. One of them, even when brought to the foreground, cannot be interacted with as all clicks are really interfacing with the separate IntelliJ window in the background.

This happens on a variety of applications (not just IntelliJ). I have tried two different versions of IntelliJ (one that has always worked for me until I did a system update and a new version I tried to see if it would help [before realizing it affected other apps too]) and to no avail.

Is there some setting in Plasma 6 that I need to change to get the proper behavior here? Is there a workaround that doesn’t involve me closing out of my application/IDE each time it happens (dozens of times a day)?

Thank you!

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Sounds like 478556 – Sometimes the stacking order is out of sync with Xorg.


Based on the description, it appears to be the case. Thank you!