Windows 10 Okular can't open files in new tabs

I’ll be brief.
Windows 10
Okular latest version

If i open files from the okular window i opens all of them in tabs.
If I open files by double clicking on it in the file system, it opens a new window and not in an existing window.
I have the “open new files in tab” in setting checked so it isn’t that. I have also tried adding --unique to my shortcut that I have referenced when opening files but it doesn’t work. For testing purposes -p 10 doesn’t open page 10.
When I see the programs connected to the file extensions i see the okular.exe from the Okular/bin folder but I can’t add paramaters to it.

Did somebody have the same problem or am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Thank you all for helping :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this is a bug: 427953 – Unique instance and open in tabs ignored. IIRC you can work around the issue by dragging & dropping files into the main window but yeah it’s quite annoying to have to remember that.

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