Windows decoration file location?

Hello, I’m trying to edit the config file of a specific WD(Window Decoration) Neon knights I downlaoded from the “Get New Window Decorations” button. I have been unable to find the folder where they are located. Even when to the Pling site to download it to see if it said anything in the folder but no luck. so my question is, where do I find where KDE stores the windows decorations as its not in the theme folder in .local or .config etc. Below are some screenshots, I’m trying to make the title bar text to black.

For Neon Knights that should be here as an aurorae based Window Decoration:


Title Bar Text should be the color scheme of your second post, as ‘Active Titlebar Text’. Note that Window Decorations use SVG files which are allowed to ignore the Color Schemes (seemingly everything is allowed to ignore Color Schemes). I also tried using Neon Knights but it does not allow the use of Inactive Titlebar color. Someone here mentions Klassy which I now use. It’s not KDE store installable but a github or repo installed package.

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Thank you and I will try that out as well.

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