Windows not keeping their position in Plasma 6 after restart

Under the Plasma 5 the application’s windows which I used to leave open at shutdown / restart, were keeping their workspace and position within my dual-display setup.
After the upgrade, though I managed to force them within a specific workspace, they do not keep their position. Is there any way to force them in a specific place?

By any chance did you use Plasma 5 in X11 before and now use Plasma 6 in Wayland?
Because this could be a Wayland bug (or better: missing feature)…

One could change to an X11 session at the login screen.

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I used X11 in Plasma 5 and right after the upgrade I didn’t notice it switched to Wayland so I logged off and switched back to X11 and I am using it ever since.

I have the same issue.

Even just closing an app and reopening it doesn’t save the position, it always opens in the top left or bottom left of my primary display.

Manually saving a session saves the programs that are running, but not the positions. They all start on my primary display.

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Another annoying bug I have has this behavior: If I open a Chrome Incognito Window and then later I open a new, non-Incognito, Chrome Window, the latter will become filled with white pixels forever. Crazy behavior which also happens with other chrome based browsers.


Session management

If my recollection is correct the referenced page used to be called Wayland Showstoppers, and has been renamed to Significant Issues . No disrespect to all the hard work and improvements delivered, 6 is greet progress, many thanks are due to all involved, but this is an amusing and creative way to resolve the final showstoppers :laughing:.

BTW: this is a sticky problem to resolve, From comment #89 of the bug report:

Nate Graham 2024-03-10 03:18:43 UTC:
Once the proposed Wayland protocol gets approved and merged, support in Plasma will likely arrive quickly. I don’t know if it’s helpful to speculate as to when the protocol might get approved. It could be tomorrow and it could be in two years. Obviously we all would prefer the former over the latter. :slight_smile:

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I’m not running Wayland though. This is on an X11 session.

I’m not running Wayland though. This is on an X11 session.

I upgraded to 6 today, I use X11 exclusively, and placement is working as before. Have you tried creating a new user to see if something is broken in your normal user account?

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Yes, windows aren’t allowed to save and restore their own positions on Wayland; KWin would need to do this. Eventually it will, hopefully.

For a more detailed explanation, see Nate Graham / canned-responses · GitLab.

In the meantime, you can go back to the X11 session, where this kinda sorta works for some windows, as long as you don’t have a complex multi-monitor setup.

I was always on X11 with a dual-display setup. Everything was working just fine in KDE5, the changes occurred after the update to KDE6.
I would avoid wayland especially while I am using a discrete graphic card, which with wayland cannot be controlled at all.

I don’t know why everyone seems to be ignoring what you said, but I’m having the same problem also. I find that simply restarting kwin fixes the issue momentarily, but it comes back after enough time. I am also on X11, and have never touched Wayland. It’s as if no one is reading what you’re saying.

Perhaps a config file is broken or contains some old cruft that is confusing KDE6. I would create a new user and see if they have the same problem.

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