Would this be a good place for the Linux Distro "mailing list"?

I am referring to this. It seems to me that this would be the ideal topic for a discussion channel here, maybe as the first true pilot which will engage external users.


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I do not follow, they already have a fully set up mailing list.

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Well, as a new mailing list, instead use this, see how it goes and as a pilot experiment for Discuss…, before the mailing list gets too popular


try out the mailing capabilities of Discourse by plugging the mailing list into discuss and having the best of both worlds (or at least see if we can have the best of both worlds, check the tradeoffs and pain points).

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The forum should be a place to replace the old forum and reddit.


I agree, because having a web interface would be brilliant. However, that’s solely if directly replying to the notification e-mail messages is possible. (Them being sent from a noreply= address couldn’t constitute a mailing list.)

Despite that, I additionally worry that Discourse isn’t as versatile – can’t a mailing list sprawl into different directions decent cohesively? Reddit’s comment section provides this, but the strictly chronological and non-hierarchical structure of Discourse’s response sections doesn’t list itself as well to that, even if it technically supports it.


would remediate that concern, especially with