XCF-File issue since update to version 24.02.2

Hi, since the update this week to Kdenlive Version 24.02.2, I can’t import XCF-files anymore. Is there a fix on the way or has someone an idea to use a workaround?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,


Hello Sivic,
the xcf cannot be imported with version 24.05.0 either. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether it worked in earlier versions.

But let’s be honest: Why do you need xcf in Kdenlive? These Gimp files are basically just a basis for images, mostly Jpg, PNG or Tiff. Likewise, RAW files cannot be displayed directly in the video editor, they have to be developed first.

Hi micha,

it worked since last year, but don’t ask me in which version the codec was implemented. I understand your argument, but as a creator it makes thinks realy more easy only to save 5-6 inserts for a video and not 2 times the numbers of pictures, only to implement them to the video. It fastened the workflow so I appreciate this feature.

Cya, Sivic