Xpad sticky notes app misbehaves on kde

I’ve used Xpad on Mint for a couple of years for putting sticky notes on the desktop for reminders, etc. I installed it on kubuntu 23.10 and it fails a couple of ways. After rebooting, the sticky notes window is blank (sometimes transparent), meaning my document content doesn’t show. And right-clicking on it doesn’t do anything. I can click on its icon in the panel to try to close and reopen it, and that has a lag. Eventually, the window either shuts down, or it finally shows the content!

Plasma seems to come with it’s own sticky notes… (on Manjaro at least).

Setting ‘Middle Click to paste’ on desktop would bring it up for you.

XPAD DOES SOUND LIKE AN ‘X’ application, so might not be suited to Wayland - but you didn’t see fit to post many details, so we’re just guessing.