XWayland 3D Accelerated Apps Flickering/Slow UI Update

Hello! Thank you for viewing!

So I have dealt with this issue in the past. I am a Game Developer and use the Unity Engine, and the Godot Engine to develop games. However, there are some application (most of them multi-windowed) that have a flickering problem on Wayland. The windows seems to go blank and then when I hover over them, they appear again.

Godot Engine’s UI is extremely slow on Wayland. For example, even clicking anything on Godot sometimes takes seconds to register. Actually, the UI doesn’t get updated immediately. The click most likely registers, but I have to kind of shake my mouse on the engine itself to make it update the UI.

I am using Nvidia Drivers, and I have a dedicated GPU. Is this a driver issue on Xwayland? Is there anyway I can actually help the KDE team solve this problem?