Yakuake, command to force "open on scree", after wake up?

Is there a command that can force Yakuake’s “open on screen” option and apply it without restarting Yakuake?

TL;DNR:Yakuake very often opens on the wrong screen after waking up the system. Looking for a way impulsively reset the screen so that I don’t need to go navigate yakuake’s menus.

So I have a very annoying issue with my desktop setup. My primary screen is slower to start than my other screen. This causes Yakuake to often keep opening on the wrong screen before manually fixing its configuration.

I have given up on getting the screen to get the same number/name consistently, so I am instead trying to reduce the pain of rearranging my windows.

I am looking for a command that can move Yakuake to the right screen. I can probably figure out how to bind this command to a keystroke, although would be awesome if there is a way to run ‘on wake’.

I have also tried asking chatgpt for help, but it mostly hallucinates the answers suggesting unsupported dbus commands.

I have 2 and sometimes 3 screens set up on my desktop. When waking up since the monitors have different startup items (the principal screen is particularly slow). My screen’s names get windows to get re-arranged constantly.

I have the same issue with Guake (which is meant to run on the other screen) but that’s off-topic.