Yupi in a Sea of Stars

Yupi, represents a beginner in Linux, is a little Yupik whose saw his entire world light up when he received KDE Plasma 6. A sea of opportunities opened for him as he discovered that he can make his wildest dreams come true, having been given the tools to create.

I saw this competition, on Krita-Artists, and I absolutely had to participate! I created all the art in Krita.

Photos in Comments

Hi, I am new here, and as I attempted to post my art, I received an error that I am unable to post multiple images in one post for now. Due to this, I have placed the images in the following comments. Thank you for your time.


Desktop Day Theme


Desktop Night Theme

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Mobile Day Theme

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Mobile Night Theme

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in krita art and painting merits im sure this is very well made.

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Thank you so much! You made my day!

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