Zephyr - My Breeze fork

Hello, I just wanted to share this blogpost about a Breeze fork I made:

And here’s link to the repository: akselmo/Zephyr: Fork of Breeze - Zephyr - Codeberg.org

In short, I forked Breeze, renamed it to Zephyr so that I don’t install it over the real Breeze, then did some modifications. Why? For fun and for learning! :slight_smile:

Maybe someone else here will like it too :smiley:

PS. I wanted to post this under blog topic but also I don’t want every blogpost from me to go there :sweat_smile: So maybe this can be moved there since i didnt have the rights to move it.


I truly love this am definitely gonna be trying this out. Is there by chance a GTK form in the works to have all things fit theming wise?


No GTK theme (at least not yet), but the regular Breeze GTK works well IMO.