ZFS in KDE-Partitionmanager?

I researched and found that ZFS should be the best partition for speed and mass storage backups, while ext4 wastes 10% of space.

But zfs is installed on my system but not shown in KDE-Partitionmanager?

There is literally everything, all FATs, NTFS, ext*, swap, XFS but not ZFS?


  • through “edit toolbar” you can add the “supported filesystems” menu item and click on it, here you see whats supported and what operations. It actually isnt as perfect as it seems!
  • ZFS is nearly unsupported in Partitionmanager.
  • ZFS may not be the best filesystem for my needs, still confused why not

Not an answer to your question, but important still…
Are you running Zfs on many disks or is this single-drive set-up?

AFAIK, Zfs only makes sense on a bunch of drives.

Even on single drive it would give you solid check summing, transparent compression, copy on write, snapshots and many other niceties.

As for OP’s question. Try installing zfsutils-linux to see if that fixes the problem.

But it’s worth mentioning that even when it shows, ZFS support is very limited through partition manager, allowing you to merely see the disk label and to create disk images from it, that’s it.

If you are going to use ZFS, you should use the command line (which for ZFS is very user-friendly really), as there is no GUI for it, aside from a few NAS oriented solutions. Also, ZFS (and btrfs) operate a little different from regular file systems and partitions, with all that vdev, pool, dataset, etc. mumbo jumbo.

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In case you need to verify support, or need to find (a possible) package name, the KDE Partition Manager has a helper tool for this. See Tools > File System Support:

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there is no zfsutils-linux in the Fedora repos

nice! Partitionmanager doesnt even have a GUI but through “edit toolbar” I could add the icon and then click on it. lol.

Very interesting to see that not everything is supported, way more transparent!

Here is how you should install ZFS on fedora: Fedora — OpenZFS documentation
If that doesn’t work, then, idk, good luck!

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Thanks! I will simply not use ZFS in that case, as I dont want to modify my system like that.