Add RAM Allocation Option

It’d be interesting if KDEnlive came with a setting for RAM Allocation.

It’d work like this:
-Inside settings, the user will be able to toggle ON(default OFF) a setting to load resources to RAM on render. Below that, a number input for setting how much MAX memory to allocate
-Once rendering starts, KDEnlive will first load resources used in the video to RAM, based on how much space they’ll take and how much the user allows/has available.
-If all contents can’t be loaded to RAM, load as much as possible, and flush out parts that have finished being used when new ones need to load.
-Once rendering ends, flush all content preloaded from RAM

This is likely to be buggy at first, however might massively speed up rendering times as it’ll keep both CPU and consequently GPU fed more often.

I’m suggesting this because I believe the program to not be making efficient use of RAM currently, as I reported in GPU Encoding - Feedback . It is using too little RAM which, for stronger machines(which ones made for editing tend to be) is a bit of a waste

Thanks for that. I encourage you to log a bug report so that the dev team can pick it up and think about it. AFAIK, they are already working on improving RAM usage as there have been reports about memory leaks. So, if you report the bug you may want to check whether there is a similar one already and then add to that one.