GPU Encoding - Feedback

I’ve been using KDEnlive for at least 2 years now, and ever since the release of GPU rendering for Windows, I’ve been making use of it.

So far, nothing to complain about. Its rare that I ever seen glitches in the final video(even more in the past 2-3 versions), and overall I’m satisfied.

However, the usage of resources seems… less than ideal. My Computer is extremely powerful and well balanced, so as to not having one thing bottlenecking the other(Ryzen 7 7800x3D, 2x16GB of DDR5 Ram @6000MT/s and CL36, RTX 4070 ti) and yet, when I try doing video rendering(usually H264 but same with h265 and av1) a few CPU cores spike in usage(30-50%), RAM goes to about 40% only(though KDEnlive was using just about 5GB last I checked), and GPU encoding only barely reaches 25%.

This… is pretty bad. The GPU render performance is barely if at all superior to pure CPU render, and definitely should not be so. Would there not be a way to improve things?

Maybe load as much of the video files to RAM as possible? Stabilize parallel processing in the next few updates so I might increase the thread counter? Offload more tasks to the GPU? Separate the thread that does CPU work from the thread that prepares frames for the GPU? I don’t know