Any Docks that work with plasma 6?

I’ve used Latte-dock but it does not work with plasma 6? Any suggestions?

thanks I just have to wait and see what develops going forward. I also can no longer use wine to install any of my 32 bit windows programs. :frowning: may have to go back to 5.27. Will see. I like KDE6 very much except for those problems.

Also my PIA VPN crashes. I know KDE 6 is new and will wait a bit see what happens.

Known issue on their end (I am still waiting for an official fix from them) but: in the meantime: look here

That has been a long standing issue with neon, off and on. Probably always will be. Use the flatpak, and not have to worry about oddball 32-bit system level dependencies, or wait for a more normal distro to provide Plasma 6.

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