Are there some way to assign keyboard shortcut to Dolphin's Context Menu?

Hi, there.

Can you help me, please?

I really would like to invoke the Dolphin’s Context Menu with keyboard shortcut “Shift + F10”, but there aren’t input to set this in “Configure Keyboard Shortcut…” menu.

I found out some way using xdotool to emulate the mouse’s right click any key of the keyboard, but I would prefer other way, if it is possible.

So… Do somebody know how can I configure this?

My specs:

Operating System: KDE neon 5.27
KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.9
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.111.0
Qt Version: 5.15.11
Kernel Version: 6.2.0-36-generic (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11

Create a shortcut in system settings. Command is xdotool click 3. Put in your key combo.

I have always just used the Menu key between the right Alt and Ctl keys. Does your keyboard not have this?

Maybe I am not reading your post correctly.

I think OP is asking about the hamburger menu.

OP wants an alternative method to xdotool.

I’ve attempted 2 ways with 0 success.

In Dolphin.

Configure > Configure keyboard shortcuts > Open Menu > Assign Custom shortcut

Didn’t work for me.

Via qdbus

qdbus org.kde.dolphin-20200 /dolphin/Dolphin_1/actions/hamburger_menu trigger

Didn’t work for me.

OP is on x11, xdotool works. If his xdotool menu works, he’s asking, like he stated, for the context menu. I’m guessing his keyboard doesn’t have a menu button.
My bad, misread the post. He already used an xdotool command. Then again, if a menu button works I provided him with a shortcut alternative. No idea if he’s using that one really.

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Ignore that, I didn’t read: “Context Menu”

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Maybe the OP will respond soon and give us something else to go on.

Thank you for all to try help me. :heart:

  1. WilsonEPhillips, I don’t have this key on my keyboard…

  2. dzon and GoldBarb, I would like to use other alternative instead of xdotool

My problem has been that I don’t have some functions without access the context menu, like the “Open Path”, when perform search for files and folders.

I really miss this feature, coming from others files explorer, like Windows Explorer.

I thought for sure there would be an option in System Settings > Input Devices > Keyboard > Advanced, but nothing for the Menu key.

I’m completely lost . There is a shortcut for “open path” sooo… I don’t understand why you need a shortcut for an entry in a context menu which has a shortcut to begin with? If it’s about specific functions I guess you could make a bash script and assign shortcuts to those. I’m at a loss here. If it’s purely an overall function to find files one doesn’t need a contextmenu, there are other tools for that.

I did find this on the Arch forum. This lets us know what the key press would be if you had the key.

Xev: keycode 135 (keysym 0xff67, Menu)

Beyond this, it is over my head. :rofl:

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Sorry, I couldn’t explain very well my reason…

I want the context menu because this show some functions that isn’t in no place else. Also, It show some usual function in a single panel from different upper menu bar category.

I have only one key to Ctrl", “Alt”, “AltGr” and “Super”. So, I can’t overwrite one of these key to “Menu” key without lost one of them.

If I understood what you mean… :sweat_smile:

My point was what the key would do if you had the key. This would be what Alt+F10 needs to perform. In Windows, this is the default for Alt+F10, but not on Plasma.

Okay. If you want that alternative to a missing menu key, do the following:
1)system settings>shortcuts
2)Custom shortcuts>add a new action
3)Set your key combo under Trigger and name it Menu under Action

Some pics

And um…I hope you don’t think you can get the dolphin context menu allover the place. That’s for dolphin and its’ servicemenus.


To answer the question, Felix is adding support for using F10 to open the context menu in the next version of Dolphin: English - Planet KDE. This will also support a whole bunch of other KDE applications :slight_smile:


Thanks to dzon and this answer post from “How to add shortcut-key to create a New Text File in Dolphin” askubuntu’s thread, I come with a “refined” solution show by dzon.

I only added the key “Menu” to it works only in the Dolphin (at least, I think configured this, :sweat_smile:).

Check out how you can make this too.

Go to the

System Setting > Workspace > Custom Shorcuts

  1. Rick click mouse in column empty space and choice the option > 2. New > 3. Global Shorcut > 4. Send Keyboard Input

  1. Go to the “Action” tab > 6. Type in this field “Menu” (without quotation marks) > 7. Select “Specific Window” in “Window” field > 8. Click in “New…” button

  1. Choice “Contains” option in “Window title” > 10. Type “Dolphin” (without quotation marks) in the field under > 11. Check “Normal” option in “Window Types” (click “Ok” button in the end)

  1. Go to the “Trigger” tab > 13. Assign that keyboard shortcut that what you want (I assigned “Shift+F10”)

After all, click “Apply” button.

(Thanks to Spectacle, it’s was easy take the screenshots and add the arrows and numbers. Such a cool software!)

This feature has been requested a bunch of times.

Unfortunately no-one has attempted to fix this yet.

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Oh, it’s so cool, I’m excited when this implementation comes. For those that don’t want use my option to achieve the Context Menu, in the link send by redstrate, there is other a way to apply “Shift + F10” globally (workaround).

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