Audio Crackling

I have been using Kdenlive for over 2 years, but in the last few weeks, when I try to edit videos I get crackling and sound distortion when playing the tracks inside the software. I have to keep pressing play and pause several times on multiple tracks until it stops, or need to close and re-open Kdenlive. This issue does not occur once the video has been rendered. I’ve searched the web but all solutions take me nowhere and the issue still persists. BTW, I’m using Pop OS 22.04 LTS. Any help appreciated.

Hello @Lingo_Perfecto not an app I use, so does it have any sound output buffering if it does would increase buffer duration to about 3 seconds be any help ? just putting a idea out there.

No it doesn’t have anything like that as an option.

Is this any help ?

crackling because of edits

Thanks again but unfortunately this distortion is continual and not just where clips are placed next to each other. I know others have met this issue and it’s not new to Kdenlive …

Are you using the appimage or the install via flatpak, snap or kdenlive-table ppa?