Black screen after login

I’m getting a black screen after login and nothing happens. I can login successfully as a different user, so probably the latest system update broke something in my profile. Any suggestions where to look?

often times it’s nvidia drivers… maybe a kernel parameter

can you boot to a previous kernel?

also more info is needed from your “about” page.

Thanks for your assistance, but I can login to the desktop as a different user, ergo it is not Nvidia, but something in my user profile / settings. Just have no idea which files to investigate / are the most likely culprits.

You can probably find some info in the log files depending on your system and setup.
If you use a systemd based distro you can check out journald if you use xorg you can check your xorg log etc…

We’re going to need a lot more information to help troubleshoot. Here are some questions to get started:

  1. Are you logging into the X11 session or the Wayland session? Does the problem happen for both of them?
  2. What GPU hardware are you using?
  3. What Plasma version are you using?
  4. What distro are you using?
  5. What kind of update did you install, and how did you update it? Do you remember any of the packages that got updated?

as followup to the distro/OS question… If it’s FreeBSD you might check here:

  1. both.
  2. nvidia
  3. latest.
  4. opensuse tumbleweed
  5. latest snapshot at the time. This included the new Nvidia driver as well as 6.6 kernel.

It has since been fixed, either by renaming the mime directory in .local/share/mime or a more recent update. I have noticed weird things though: some of my settings are lost, some plasmoids have disappeared and some themes as well. Very strange. But it works?

Is there a specific config file that tells plasmasession which plasmoids and theme to load?

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