Branding suggestions for Glaxnimate (vector animation software)

I’m the maintainer of Glaxnimate, which is being incubated to join KDE.

The current branding is based on my nickname “Glax” and the fact that I like dragons. I’m not too fond of the name and the icon/logo doesn’t fit the KDE icon style.

So suggestions are welcome if anyone has ideas.


Klacksnimate / Klaxnimate

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Kirin - Since you like dragons and with a bonus K.
Glax - Although it is your nickname I like how it sounds.
Glaxim - Variation on the above.


Hehe I always thought it’s galaxymate so maybe Galaxymation would be fun also for a logo to use galaxy with stars
Combination of animation and vector could be cool:


(all of this have free .org domains)

Something with vektor would work well to sneak in a k. I really like Anivektra.

Could always do Kanimate lol

Also, I absolutely love the software, thanks so much for your work on it.


In case anyone is going to make icons suggestions, take a look at the KDE design guide for icons Colorful Icons | Developer. It is not a very strict requirement, but would be nice to follow it at least roughly to have some kind of consisteny

I made an attempt at making the current icon follow the guidelines:


My thoughts are that we can look at Kdenlive. It shows tracks, a timeline handle thingy, and a play button. For vector animation, we could find perhaps have a simple shape with animation - a line to show movement, or perhaps have it onion-skinned.

For a name, ‘KAnimate’ is the obvious choice - but it’s not great. ‘Vektor’ is a bit meh, and doesn’t include animation.



This is another suggestion from choomaque in the Glaxnimate chat room:

“Dragon head made of layer tracks, eyes and nostrils are keyframes”


KEYFRAMES…! I love it.




+1 for Kirin, it also goes well with Krita: “Krita and Kirin, for all your 2D needs”
There’s no other FOSS project with that name (that I can find) and not a lot of other search results either, so it was a very “googeable” name.


I do like Kirin as well, I do wonder if it could cause confusion by having a similar root to Kirigami without using the framework or being related to it at all.


I think the two things (your app and Kirigami) are aimed at different people, so I don’t think there would be too much confusion.


IMO, the main issue with “Glaxnimate” is it’s awkward to say out loud. Remove the “n” so that it’s “Glaximate” and it’ll be fine. I think it’ll hard to make a new name that’s significantly better than what you started with. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a name for personal reasons even if the reasons aren’t particularly significant or meaningful.


+1 for Kirin from me aswell.

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Some ideas from Bing Chat :thinking:

Glint: This name is a short and catchy word that means “a small flash of light” or “a brief or faint manifestation of a quality or feeling” in English. It could imply the idea of creating sparkling or expressive animations with Glaxnimate.

Keymo: This name is a variation of “keyframe” and “motion”, implying a smooth and easy way to create keyframe animations. It could also sound like “kimo”, which means “joy” or “delight” in Hawaiian2.

Keyla: This name is a variation of “keyframe” and “layer”, suggesting a flexible and versatile tool for creating keyframe animations. It could also be interpreted as a feminine name, derived from the Irish name Kayla, which means “slender” or "graceful"3.

Keyra: This name is a variation of “keyframe” and “era”, implying a new and modern way to create keyframe animations. It could also be interpreted as a feminine name, derived from the Greek name Kyra, which means “lord” or "ruler"1.

Keyon: This name is a variation of “keyframe” and “on”, suggesting a fast and easy way to create keyframe animations. It could also be seen as a masculine name, derived from the Irish name Keon, which means "god is gracious"2.

Glaxon: This name is a variation of Glaxnimate, and it also sounds like a futuristic or sci-fi word. It could suggest the idea of creating cutting-edge or innovative animations with Glaxnimate.

Some of my suggestions and what Bing replied:

Kanima. Kanima can refer to:
A form of shapeshifter that appears in the TV show Teen Wolf. The Kanima is a creature of vengeance that seeks a master to carry out its bidding. It has reptilian features, such as scales, claws, venom, and a tail12.
A type of glacier that forms on the slopes of mountains. The word Kanima comes from the Quechua language, spoken by indigenous people in South America3.
A village in Papua New Guinea, located in the Gulf Province. Kanima has a population of about 600 people and is part of the Kamea language group.
These are some of the possible meanings of Kanima based on my web search

Kani. Kani can refer to:
A type of crab that is used in Japanese cuisine, especially in sushi and salads12.
A city in Iran, located in the West Azerbaijan Province. Kani has a population of about 3,000 people and is part of the Kurdish ethnic group3 .
A surname that is common in Turkey, Iran, and Kurdistan. Kani means “spring” or “fountain” in Kurdish and Persian languages .