Can #Dolphin's rename window's heading text wrap?

Is there a way to make this text wrap…? I’ve not found any option to do so. I’m surprised that it’s able to render outside the display borders whatsoever.

I think the real question is, why on earth is that folder named in such an absurd way?


:rofl: At first I thought there was a glitch on my screen. :rofl: I had to download that one hahahaha…

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I use tabs for alignment in my filesystem, and the JSON syntax is to delimit each piece of separate information. I can’t use the xattr(7) — Arch manual pages because issues like 473808 – XDG Extended Attribute spec support make them simply too unreliable.

It helps a lot when using prefixed periods to indicate that an inode is to be hidden.

…Why do you ask, and why do you brand it as absurd? thinking emoji that i cba to type because this is a pc

I’ve encountered this issue organically when using Dolphin on Plasma Mobile and on my tablet, since any reasonably long path becomes problematic to display on a veritcal monitor, so if you ask because you presume that this edge case isn’t encountered by most, perhaps reconsider. :>

In 30+ years as an I.T. professional, I must say, I have never seen anything like this. My only question is, why do you make things so hard on yourself? I don’t mean that as an attack. I am genuinely curious.


what in the name of…

were you too preoccupied with “i could” that you never stopped to ask “should i?”

Just making it known I was here for this.

So as with Some questions regarding Gwenview, I feel the need to answer this on two different levels.

To begin with, it feels like you’re slowly torturing your system to death by forcing the software to do what it was never designed to do, at the extreme limits of what it even can do. This method of using the filesystem to approximate a database–going so far as to actually use raw JSON code as the file and folder names–is almost certainly literally unprecedented.

It’s certainly very creative, and I’m somewhat amazed that it works at all, but I’m also not terribly surprised that you’re running into a lot of rough edges–as evidenced by the large number of questions you’ve been asking concerning edge cases and unusual usages. I strongly urge you to reconsider not only this method of organization, but also the logical chain of thoughts and decisions that led you to adopt it. I’m sure they each seemed perfectly reasonable at the time, but the place where they’ve gotten you to really isn’t. If you continue to use the system in this way, you’re just going to bang your head against ever more obscure quirks of apps that are being stretched far beyond their intended usage.

With that out of the way… yes, the rename dialog should ideally word-wrap at a certain point rather than just expanding horizontally forever, which is what it does right now. That’s a reasonable thing to request that a person could conceivably run into even with a more normal set of file and folder names. If you wanted to try, you might be able to use Window Rules to cap or fix the width of the rename dialog, but I can’t guarantee that such a thing is possible or would work reliably. Really, we should just fix this in the code for everyone.

P.S. you can use Emojis on a PC, either by, for example, typing “:thinking” (without the quotes) into this very text input field, or by using the KDE Emoji Selector window to copy the Emoji of your choice to the clipboard, whereupon you can paste it into here.


I’m still… :rofl: I’m surprised a question like a Sanskrit local hasn’t popped yet in the topics…


Reminds me of the good ol’c64/amiga era, so pushing a system to its limit isn’t a really new concept. :smile:

I cannot even imagine all of the unintended consequences of putting code in file names.

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I’m grateful, @ngraham, and part of learning how to use Linux was realizing that with superior choice to what Windows afforded me during my life, I actually needed to be more careful. I dare say some of your advice specifically helped in that manner a few years ago. However, I don’t think you need worry this time.

However, in this case, do you also consider

as part of what you state? If not, you’re probably thinking of someone else.

I tend to like defaults and standardization, which is why I chose to use JSON over some silly custom naming convention. I promise I’ve tried literally everything you could possibly think of, even going so far as to create a conlang (that was genuinely Hellish) but why reinvent the wheel if you use standard, readable syntax?

I tried JSON as a method of organizing no less than a week ago in order to unify some disparate organizational techniques. This is the first issue I can recall directly caused by a long path that I’ve posted on this forum. However, before this, the paths I was using were actually a lot longer, since English isn’t particularly concise – it’s, somewhat ironically, one of the reasons I chose JSON.

Oh? I haven’t been able to think of any, @WilsonEPhillips. Surely it’s not like having unsanitized PHP on a webpage, in that a receiving application could accidentally corrupt itself by not escaping it? That would be problematic for most of my former filenames too, and would certainly be worrisome.

I don’t quite understand – what’s difficult, @WilsonEPhillips?

Thanks for all the interest, by the way. I didn’t think anyone would particularly be interested in a non-wrapped dialog heading, but I’m glad to be able to discuss my nerdetry! XD

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I am surprised that your system boots at all, yet it somehow does. You ask “what’s difficult?”, yet you post issue after issue every single day. Many of us have attempted to help you solve all of these problems. Now, we are finding out that they are all self-inflicted.

I don’t know what you’re referring to. Why would you be concerned about that? I reinstalled my OS only about a month ago, since that’s when I finished building a new PC, so I doubt it should be corrupted in any manner already!

But most of those have no relevance, and I certainly don’t post every day. You can review my browser history logs if you so desire – I retain regular exports. Regardless, I really don’t see how my questions relates to the aforementioned. You’re really confusing me.

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Here. I’ll say it again, since you didn’t seem to understand it.

“I cannot even imagine all of the unintended consequences of putting code in file names.”

Please stop shooting yourself in the foot.

Just curious, what kind of apps are you using to read that storage structure ?

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@medin, aforedepicted are just my personal files. However, I intend to rename the hardcoded filenames in a few personal scripts to reflect their accompanying resources’ new names, of course. Why do you ask?

@WilsonEPhillips, I didn’t not understand the words you said, I just don’t understand what you’re referring to. Can’t we speak civilly here? I’m somewhat honoured that you’re interested in my organizational methods, but this is just a post about word wrapping. If you’re going to become annoyed by your own apparent inability to discuss a topic you choose to discuss, don’t become frustrated at me.

I’ll try my best to answer if you just clarify what you’ve been referring to.

You come here and ask for help. Many of us have tried to help you. You say you like standardization, yet nothing in your screenshot looks standardized. It is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Don’t worry. I won’t butt in again. You are on your own.

I don’t understand your hostility, @WilsonEPhillips. If you’re willing to read a word I’ve said and explain, I’ll do what I can to rectify any sensible issue you have with whatever I’ve purportedly done incorrectly. Are you sure you’d rather leave this on a negative note, never having even communicated why you act so?

I am not hostile at all. I have no grudge against you. I just don’t understand why you do this to yourself. I wish you the best, but like Pontius Pilot, I wash my hands of it.