Can I add a folder tree to the taskbar like in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, you can add a folder to the start menu and when you click on the arrow it’ll open the folders, and you can go into sub folders and it’ll fly out, etc. Is there anything similar in KDE? Kind of like the applications menu but for files/folders.


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I don’t think you can drag and drop, but there is the Folder View widget that does this. Quite customizable, too:


It won’t be a tree view, though

It doesn’t do fly out for sub folders and you have to double click to drill into a folder. Can’t find ways to change that behavior.

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Mine doesn’t need double-clicking, but that may be because I don’t use the nasty double-click option on the desktop.

As a desktop widget, it sort of has flyout windows, just not as a panel widget.

I don’t see any (recent and working) third party widgets on the store so far. This may be as close as you can get.

Heh. I wish I could have the setting per app. I want double click in Dolphin but am okay with single click in the widget.

And thanks for checking.

Not a KDE app but fbrowse-tray works great for me.



That is exactly what I am looking for. Let me give this a whirl. Thank you!

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How did you install/use it?

I got it through the package manager. My OS is Porteus which is Slackware based.

If you want the files Porteus uses I can share a link. Dependencies are OS related and may break your system, so try your package manager first.

Let me know.


Jgmenu. Tons of options.

So @imthenachoman

Did you have any success?

Let everyone know in case of problems or insights please.


Well, I was able to install fbrowse-tray. But to start it, I have to run it as root. But if I run it as root, then it won’t open dolphin cause dolphin with sudo is disabled in Debian/KDE.

I am going to research this some more. I am also going to try jgmenu when I get a chance.

Jgmenu supports openbox pipemenus. So, for stuff like cascading directories you’ll need a pipemenu as well. It’s just a bash script. The menu shown in the screenshot contains some other launchers, but if you just want the places thing, you can. There are some other places pipemenus available on za web, but it needs some searching. The one in the screenshot is a basic one, but it does the job really fast. As far as I know there aren’t too many cascaders, in menu or fm miller columns available. Xfce4-panel has a directory tree plugin ( see screenshot) but I don’t know if you could call for such a thing as an application from a plasma panel. It does have a command line ( I believe it’s xfce4-popup-directorymenu)…so, you never know.

I took another look at that xfce idea. What I did was make the xfce4-panel as small as possible ( in terms of applications) and add just one plugin, the directory one. Besides the “open in terminal” default konsole, which I haven’t checked into, everything works. The ideal would be to autostart the panel in a hidden, backgrounded mode, but I can’t find a way to do that. Because that way you could make an application with the “xfce4-popup-directorymenu” as exec and put it in a menu or on the panel.

If you set it to autohide ( unless you can background the entire panel in autostart) and maybe set background to transparent, you can hardly see it.

Hey Dzon.

I would like to try the Xfce panel idea.

How do you get it for KDE?


Just install xfce4-panel. After that launch it from a terminal. It’ll probably launch two separate ones. Delete one of them ( rightclick panel stuff). Then uninstall all the plugins from the panel except the directory one. All the settings for the directory one are in the plugin itself.
Btw: I found a way to make the “open in terminal thing” work. You just have to create a helpers.rc file in ~/.config/xfce4 and add this to it:


Don’t forget to add xfce4-panel to your autostart.

Unlike Jgmenu, which I couldn’t get to adapt to the color scheme, this does.

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Hey Dzon.

Welp, Xfce-panel works on KDE. I am surprised.

Unfortunately it messes with the KDE panel. Steals stuff from the tray and changes the virtual desktop widget settings.

Also the directory feature does not auto-scroll when the entries exceed the screen height. I could manually scroll or use the arrow keys though. Deal breaker for me.

Thank you for the info.


It messes with the systray because you leave them enabled ob the xfpanel. Same would happen with every panel. Dunno of any panel that enables a systray without messing with an existing one.
Dunno what you mean by autoscroll but it acts like any other directory tree. If the entries exceed the screenheight, touch the arrows at the bottom or top.
Btw, pretty much any panel works on kde. Xf, lx, tint2, fb…

Hi Dzon.

Thanks for replying.

I installed v 4.16.3 and do not see a way to disable the tray. Everything else has a remove option.

Also there are no arrows when the menu exceeds the screen.

The virtual desktop pager changes settings but can be reset.

I will try the other panels now that I know they can be installed.

Thanks for your help,