Can no longer connect to NFS share from Dolphin

since plasma 6 I can no longer connect to my nfs share within Dolphin using the network tab. there is no nfs connection option. How can I connect to nfs on demand ?

It works fine for me here after I upgraded from Plasma 5.27 to 6.0. Perhaps you have a component missing?
Which distro are you using?

Arch, it was working fine before with 5.27, it must be a missing component. thanks I’ll going to post this in an Arch forum to see if I get some more help.

For me, on neon (or Kubuntu for that matter) I needed some extra things, such as kde-zeroconf and nfs-common. There probably are similar components in Arch.

on Arch I’ve installed kio-zeroconf and nfs-utils which according to the arch wiki is all I should have to do

If you run dolphin from konsole and try and access the NFS share, does it output any information?

You can also open another konsole and run journalctl -f to see any system messages that might appear when you try to access the share. Press Ctrl + C to end journalctl once you’re done.

@Justin Not sure that is going to work. :slight_smile:

I have sollutions, but it sounds like you want to do it through Dolphin and not something like systemd.automount?
Because the first thought that came to my mind was “is it a laptop where the nfs sometimes will not be available”, because that creates complications unless you want to run out of memory and freeze you OS constantly. xD

My reading comprehension skills are lacking clearly, more so in the AM.

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Maybe the zeroconf/avahi service needs to be started manually unless one reboots?

I trying out adding it to my fstab using these options from the arch wiki

servername:/home   /mountpoint/on/client  nfs  _netdev,noauto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.mount-timeout=10,timeo=14,x-systemd.idle-timeout=1min 0 0

we’ll see how well it deals with losing the network connection because yes it’s a laptop

As long as you are not trying to connect to it while not available, there is no problem.
But I have stopped using fstab and rely on systemd, witch could be a problem in combination to Dolphin the way you want to use it, i think.

If you want automount with systmd you would have to set up a bunch of stuff that checks what network you are on, pinging the server and yada yada yada.

I just have a mount unit, I mount/unmount it with sudo systemctl start|stop media-share.mount
I actually have aliases, but I do mounting/unmounting in cli is my point.
And I think you are looking for something different.

So for fstab, I think you might have a few deprecated options in there, like x-systemd.automount, not sure about the others, you will have to check the manual.

As for it not showing up in Dolphin, I am sure others have way better info than I do, witch is close to none.
I just mount mine, and then it shows up in Dolphin. xD

Does it work if you use in dolphin the url of the form: nfs://username@servert-name/path ?
You can then bookmark it or add it to your places in the places panel.

Perhaps you have support just missing the setting UI.

thank you for that suggestion. As predicated as soon as I was offline I dolphin would lock-up even if I wasn’t trying to access the nfs share. Need to look closer to systemd mount to see if that might work better

dolphin does not recognize nfs://

Make sure you have kio-extras installed.

So what exactly is needed?
is pacman -Syu kio kio-extras kio-fuse kio-zeroconf enough?

yes it’s installed

/home/jc> pacman -Qs kio 
local/audiocd-kio 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-multimedia)
    Kioslave for accessing audio CDs
local/kio 6.0.0-2 (kf6)
    Resource and network access abstraction
local/kio-admin 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-system)
    Manage files as administrator using the admin:// KIO protocol
local/kio-extras 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-network)
    Additional components to increase the functionality of KIO
local/kio-fuse 5.1.0-3
    FUSE interface for KIO
local/kio-gdrive 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-network)
    KIO Slave to access Google Drive
local/kio-zeroconf 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-network)
    Network Monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf)
local/kio5 5.115.0-3 (kf5)
    Resource and network access abstraction

that was my understanding, but it’s not working

For nfs:// only kio-extras is necessary, kio-fuse is useful if you want non-kde apps to access your nfs connection through kio, kio-zeroconf should help discovering networks, Network Monitor for DNS-SD services, DNS-SD services are like a TV or a printer on the network.

Don’t be afraid to install more than strictly necessary. Those dependencies are not very big on disk and won’t use any RAM when not in use.

dolphin package has kio-extras as dependency.

You can have a look at your distro documentation:

What url did you try exactly ?

You need a url of the form: nfs://username@servert-name/.
username is optional.

Did you get an error message or something else ?