Can plasmashell windows be captured by Spectacle using Active Window?

Sometimes I want to capture a window owned/created by plasmashell. However, in my experience, spectacle appears to refuse to capture it using any keybind, and captures the previously selected window if Active Window is manually selected using the mouse.

Is this possible to bypass? I’d rather not be forced to use Rectangle or Full Screen if possible, because it always looks shoddy when compared to Active Window.

Have you tried setting a one or two second delay for the capture? I think I’ve recently read that this is the only (?) way to capture a context menu, so it might also work for what your need. No guarantees, but easy enough to try.


It works (I used Window Under Cursor though)! Thank you!


Is that worth reporting as a bug? That’s ridiculously unintuitive.

Not worth a bug, it’s a known issue with how X11 works.

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