Can the scrollbar background always be shown, like in Windows?

registry - Disable automatically hiding scrollbars in Windows 10 IoT Core - Stack Overflow demonstrates the existence of the feature in Windows. It’s for accessibility. Does it exist in plasma6?



The KDE scrollbar in your screenshot is not hidden. It has a visible frame and a visible handle. In Windows, a hidden scrollbar is literally hidden, no visible parts until you activate it. So it’s a different case.

@jinliu, I suppose I should have stated why I’m asking then — when trying to teach computers to elder folk who’ve been using the Windows Classic theme for a while, I want to make everything as obvious as possible.

Recently, when I hovered over one of those blue pills and the background appeared, they informed me that they had wished that was always there, because they would have known it were draggable. I see some merit to what they stated (although I don’t entirely believe they would have worked it out themselves anyway).

Were Breeze to have ever made scroll bars disappear, I would have requested this earlier, but requested the same, because that border matters.

Use oxygen. As application style. Not for the elder folk that is.

@dzon, as in, you don’t recommend Breeze for them? I’ve tried Oxygen and, of course, the Windows Classic themes, but neither are even vaguely visually consistent — button sizes and indentation differ, and there’s a distinct lack of borders. Breeze is the best I’ve found overall. There’s also the benefit that I use it too, so if there’s only slightly differences between our configurations, I can use their systems with less temporary configuration.

It was a joke. I implied not to use oxygen on the elder.
But yeah, oxygen has a couple of settings ( quite a bit really). Scrollbar stuff being one of them and it’s, lookwise, close -ish to breeze.
Borderstyle is defined by the window decorator, not the application style.

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Sorry. I promise it is funny in retrospect.

I should have specified that I meant Qt frame borders, but the window borders matter too — they’re just optimal for this by edfault now that they’ve a 1-px border too.

Well um…

@dzon, is that Oxygen? I hope you see what I mean — the scroll bar arrows don’t have borders, and although some borders are inset, others are lined. Oxygen’s a mess.

A mess? O okay then. Since you say you tried all the others, I guess Qt-ees and Plastique are your only option.
Or Winblowz or some gtk one.
Me personally, when I help the elder with some computer learning, KDE doesn’t even come to mind to begin with. Some Cinnamon or xfce, not KDE.

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So why force them onto something unfamiliar - and then post a request because the elderly folks wish it behaved the way it used to (i.e. not hiding stuff automatically)

Who is using these computers? You or them?

Oxygen looks a lot more windows-y - big, easily spottable scroll bars… good contrast… not small blue, hiding losenges on a dark background., which might be hard to see for 80 year old eyes…

This sounds like those posts you see about a hyped up teenager shoving their grandma onto Linux because they want to… and dear old GG says nothing because it is the first since they have seen their grandkid in months and, well, it makes them happy, bless them, but they haven’t a clue about this discord or minecraft thing they are putting on there…


Had some discussions the last couple of days with some dudes, self proclaimed specialists and even real doctors, who had the “perfect” method to get old folks into shape. Total out-of-touch bonker nutcases who came up with stuff like ashtanga yoga, burpees, powerlifting, animal flow…etc…because, well…they did that stuff themselves. Nothing wrong with some vinyasa and the likes but um…get real man.

So yeah, I seriously doubt some compiz standalone or a tiling wm with nothing but terminal apps will help grandpa and grandma learn some basic computing in an already completely computerized and alien world. Just because the grandson looooves the cube. Like Angus mentioned, they’d probably be more than happy to know how to google some and see their grandkids, at least, in some video chat once and a while.

Not everyone would be learning - Windows 95 was almost 30 years ago - many of today’s pensioners would know that interface (or possibly remember it if they saw something familiar) from their working career even if they had not touched a computer in 10 years - as opposed to something that had graphic-designed-the-hell-out-of, with a low contrast theme with inverted colours…

Yeah, for most of the pensioners the windows application style would be familiar.
In gtk there are also options.
This is xfce with Project Chicago 95.

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Plasma '95 in a quickie :rofl:


Them. I’ve aforestated that, hence why you mention it before you ask that question. I consequently fail to understand why you’ve asked. Were the alternative you propose true, obviously I would have stated that instead.

I don’t know what you’re specifically referring to, because you reference isn’t context for such a question. However, you’re asking why I’ve posted this, it’s because, as I’ve (again) previously explained, it was initially unintuitive, so I’d like to remediate this apparent inconsistency for them.

Teaching those who are learning how to properly use computers for the first time has been a useful experience. I don’t intend to waste the knowledge I’ve gained from it.

What a pleasant assumption. Actually, when I learnt of this problem, I was teaching my grandfather and his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the girlfriend died a few months ago, and my grandfather died 6 or 8 days ago. He was my last grandfather. I believe I cared for him well — I did not “force” him to learn computer systems because of some kind of assumed inability to understand social cues.

Additionally, I have one remaining grandmother who requires a desktop computer to write documents properly. She doesn’t want to use a tablet. She last used Windows XP.

I believe you should think before you speak next time. Your posts on my comments have been utterly unassistive, and certainly quite unnecessarily emotional. They’re of no use to me. Have you more baseless accusations?

Thanks for the recommendations, @dzon, although I’m not actually sure that that old application style would be more intuitive since the person I’m teaching hasn’t used a PC in so long. I think something like Breeze, which is simple to the eyes and with basic visual rules, might be better.

Though, if it doesn’t work, maybe I’ll try that. I don’t think I’ll get a second chance though — she’ll probably just give up on trying to write anything.

Why is that? I’ll consider it if there’s merit, but I’ve not used them.

You needn’t worry — I visit her frequently. We live close together. I don’t believe that spending quality time and teaching her skills are mutually exclusive.

She last used Windows XP.

Exactly… Why use a dark theme?

XP was light… Why force change?

Your eyesight won’t be great one day - discerning dark blue from grey from black isn’t all that easy - especially for NFN’ers.

I’ve set her PC to the light mode for those reasons, so why on Earth have you assumed that it’s using the dark theme? What is wrong with you, @Angus? If you keep saying nonsense, it shall solely tarnish your reputation.

Just the picture in your post … the dark themed one… you know the one where you are asking how to let the scrollbar background be shown because old people are complaining…

unless you went and randomly got a different picture off the internet to demonstrate the issue instead of the fine example that was right there infront of you demonstrating the exact issue the person in question was finding troubling when the question was asked of you…