Does KDE Plasma support automatic display brightness adjustment on desktops?

I want to add an ambient luminosity sensor to my desktop PC. Although it’ll require more manual construction than I’m used to, I shan’t be the first to do so. However, I want to ensure that KDE Plasma already support this use-case, probably accidentally.

To this end, I’m a little curious about KDE Plasma’s display brightness adjustment capability:

I realize that to modify a display’s brightness, it needs to use some lower-level (I expect DE-independent) software like ddcutil, which supports my monitor. However, although I can use separate software like to control its brightness, the native plasmoid enabled by default on a laptop isn’t enabled by default for my desktop, so I’m worried that even if the brightness detector is recognized by Plasma, there’s another kind of incompatbility.

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This might be two questions in one. Apologies.

It doesn’t, but there is a plan to do so, but the feature might not be available very soon because it needs to wait until the legacy power dataengine is ported.

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If you mean a PC with external monitors, I’ve written my own system tray application that adjusts monitor brightness as measured by an GY30/BH1750 + Arduino or Webcam. A brightness profile can be plotted for each VDU:


If you’re interested, see


Thank you. That’s wonderfully easy comparatively. I’ll use that for a long time.