Does not boot if root fs is btrfs

I installed neon with the latest media neon-user-20231214-0716.iso.
uefi is enabled, and root fs is formated with btfs. After installation, system fail to boot.
I tried ext4 root fs, it works.

partition talbe like below:
sda1 fat32 1G EFI/boot flag /boot/efi
sda2 ext4 2G /boot
sda3 btrfs 20G /
sda4 linuxswap 4G

This : Installing KDE Neon with btrfs-format fails


@claydoh, Thank you.
The solution in your post works.
Shouldn’t that be fixed in KDE Neon installer?

Actually, this should be fixed now in the latest ISO (updated today), via a new Calamares release from this past week.

Verified. The latest ISO 20231218-1227/neon-user-20231218-1227.iso fixed the issue.