Dynamic workspaces / virtual desktops?

I have used both GNOME and KDE for a while, and I have certain features that I like from both. One feature I really enjoy from GNOME is how workspaces are managed. Workspaces (or virtual desktops in KDE) are dynamically added to the right of a row of workspaces, and if there is no window in a workspace, that workspace is removed. This workflow makes sense for people who make liberal use of workspaces, which I find myself doing a lot on my laptop.

GitHub - d86leader/dynamic_workspaces: A kwin script that creates and deletes desktops as you move windows on the last one this KWin script reportedly replicates that functionality, and I believe that it could be used as a reference to implement the functionality in KWin itself.

If a dynamic virtual desktop setting were implemented, I think KDE could have a “dynamic horizontal” and “dynamic vertical” option. I don’t know how endless workspaces could work in a grid, so we’d probably be restricted to rows/columns.


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It this could help take this wonderful idea again in consideration.