Firefox support for kget

Issue with kget is that it only works with Konqueror web browser. It would be far more useful if support for other web browsers is possible via a browser add-on.

Does this help? (I haven’t tried it myself, just searched online!)

Ah, that’s a 3rd party option. Also, the GitHub link has been archived.

There is an official publisher page for kde on Firefox add-ons but the only option is kde plasma.

The idea being is that an end user, should be able to install the official kget addon, then when a download is started, kget takes over. Much like IDM on Windows.

It is something that would be nice to be developed and improved on officially, rather than using another web browser or complex workaround just for downloads.

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I agree this would be a great fit for

Given the amount of crashing Firefox has been doing lately on my system, integration with KGet would be amazing.