Flathub Quality guidelines

Hello. Not sure brainstorm is the correct section for this, feel free to move if not.

Flathub recently introduced something they call Quality guidelines. These are guidelines apps need to follow in order to be featured by Flathub on top of their homepage. I haven’t noticed many (or any) KDE application that currently comply with these guidelines, which is a shame because it would be nice to get some KDE apps featured.

As far as I can tell, the things KDE apps on Flathub need to worry about right now would mostly be the following:

  1. Branding colors. Haven’t seen any apps that have added them so far.
  2. Screenshots. Currently these seem to be all over the place. Krita has a mix of full screen and windowed screenshots, doesn’t include shadows, has a couple of Firefox screenshots showing online resources and goes above the recommended “max” window size of 1000x700. Kdenlive also has screenshots that are too large and additionally has several screenshots with non-default themes. Okular has an uncaptioned screenshot. Digikam only has (too large) full screen screenshots. KMyMoney’s screenshots are uncaptioned. Etc.
  3. Changelogs. Haven’t seen any KDE app on Flathub with them.
  4. Icons. Mostly good, but some apps are still sporting their old Oxygen icons. For instance, Digikam and KFind. Also, the guidelines show the Kdenlive icon as a bad example, though I’m not sure what’s wrong with it.

Wondering if there are any plans to improve this. On top of being good for promotion, improving the quality of the screenshots and offering changelogs would be a good thing for users making use of these Flatpaks.

Thanks for your concern, the devs are aware: Help KDE apps comply with FlatHub's new guidelines

I think it ended up a bit chaotic and I lost track on what is left to do.