How do I upgrade to the latest KDE Plasma 6 in Debian 12 Bookworm?

Hello! I am a Debian user (I use Debian 12 Bookworm) and my favorite Linux distribution that I use daily is KDE Plasma (Plasma 5.27). I am interested in the latest KDE Plasma 6 release and I don’t know how to upgrade to the latest Plasma 6 release in Debian. Maybe someone can help me with some information in this regard! Thank you!

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You don’t and can’t (and you shouldn’t try in Debian 12 stable - even when it would become available in Debian unstable/sid…).
Debian 12 stable will never get Plasma 6 !

Either wait for the release of Debian 13 next year or switch to another reliable distribution like openSUSE Tumbleweed (edit: or see the additional suggestions @bedna made below) that already ships Plasma 6 - or wait some more weeks until TUXEDO OS also ships with Plasma 6, if you want to have something reliable based on Debain/Ubuntu

If you want to know when TUXEDO OS is shipped with Plasma 6, keep an eye on
Overview: Kubuntu, its parent and some of its siblings
where you will also find Debian 12 and TUXEDO OS (btw: I don’t recommend KDE neon for a “normal” user, only if one knows exactly what one get’s into…).


wow, that note (6) tho…

with the exception of KDE software user software is only supported as Flatpaks or Snaps in KDE neon (according to KDE developers)

how limiting is that?

why do ppl talk about neon like it’s just another alternative distro that uses KDE?

sounds like a strait jacket disto to me.

To be honest, not very, except for times you immediately want the abolute latest software. most things are in there.
There is also the consideration of “bloat”, as some call it. Flatpaks take up more space on your storage, but usually not a problem since storage cost very little nowdays. But that also means they almost always work ootb (thanks to the “bloat” xD).

I’m not going to kick the hornets nest here.
But in my opinion KDE Neon is just Ubunty LTS with separate KDE and qt repositories.

I eeeeh… would maybe not use that drastic description about it, but it is a very limited distro. And so should be. It focuses on KDE only.

I would like to add that there are other distros too.

Tumbleweed is a good recommendation.

Examples of others that give you access to plasma 6 is:

  • Fedora
  • Manjaro
  • EndeavourOS

But be aware that some of the distros require you to manually switch to plasma 6 since it is still being tested.
So if you want to be part of the testing crew for the rest of the users, join and start reporting bugs. :slight_smile:

Another option is to wait a few more weeks and I think it will be the default in quite a few distros.

Well, at least that is what is supported AFAIK - you are free to install third-party user software with pkcon or apt, but you are on your own then (I suppose most people do this anyway in neon…) - I think Nate called it something like “there might be dragons”. :slight_smile:

oh, ok… that’s a bit different than being forced to only use flatpaks and snaps.

i would totally void that warrantee.

You reckon they will be happy with it by the time the freeze comes?

I sincerely hope so - until then I guess it will be at least Plasma 6.3.x

THANK YOU for your fair and wise answer to my question about Debian 12 (and KDE Plasma 6). I followed your advice and chose openSUSE Tumbleweed. I salute you with esteem and respect!

I would not be surprised if Debian were to wait until the first LTS release of Plasma 6 before packaging it for inclusion to the next stable release (be it Debian 13 or maybe 14).

KDE neon has had its fair share of issues with the transition from Plasma 5 to 6, but it is very much usable now if you want a stable base with the latest from KDE. I am hoping experience from bumpy upgrades in KDE neon will facilitate those for Kubuntu and Debian KDE in the future.

The bottom line is, all recommendations above are solid, and I believe KDE neon should be included in that list today.

Sorry, KDE neon might be OK to use for you and me (or specialists like @claydoh ), but although most of the “bumpy transition” to Plasma 6 has been ironed out (other distributions had their own share of problems, too) I will still not recommend KDE neon to a “normal” user (and be made “responsible” for my suggestion afterwards), because of this:

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:confused: :rofl: :thinking:

Not in Manjaro Stable yet… maybe another few weeks.

But Plasma6 seems quite stable in Manjaro Unstable, although I think there are a couple of issues related to Manjaro Apps working with Plasma 6. I haven’t looked at those, as I’m using unstable to test my apps on Plasma 6

I dont’t think any of them had plasma 6 on stable at the time I wrote that, it felt like unnecessary info. :slight_smile:

On Manjaro it has moved on to testing, (I use both unstable and testing) and has been working close to perfect since day 0, at least no black screen or anything.
No idea how long until they release it on stable.

But with these distros you gain access to plasma 6 in a good way (I mean instead of using debian or Ubuntu etc and try to get it to work there)

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