How to change panel icon size in plasma 5.27.5?


I upgraded debian 11 (plasma 5.20.5) to debian 12 (plasma 5.27.5) today.
Then debian 12 doesn’t have the panel icon resizing option that debian 11 had.
How can I change the panel icon size? :

The ability to customize icon sizes separately from the theme / scaling / sizing of things - has kind of been deprecated. It was decided that a lot of people that played with this (and other custom sizing tools) got themselves into problematic situations that were then reported as generic bugs, when they were actually caused by inconsistent and problematic interactions between configurations.

As a result, a lot of sizing options have been removed in Plasma 5.27, and more will be removed in 6. @ngraham wrote about some of this in his blog, and maybe he’d like to add some more info here.

Regarding the size of the Plasma application launcher icon - this is now determined only by the width of the panel, and - if I understand correctly what you want - there’s no way to set a wide vertical panel with a small application launcher button (also - it will wreck havoc with Fitts law, and is probably exactly the kind of thing that Plasma devs are trying to avoid with removing the panel icon size option)

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replacing the icon with one that has more padding around it will give the desired results…

i used one from a grub theme and it looks a lot better in a vertical panel.

@skyfishgoo - you mean by right clicking the app launcher, selecting “configure application launcher” and then changing the icon from that configuration dialog?

yes, just click on the icon and you can change it whatever you want.


I was able to make the application launcher icon smaller:

now I want to make the task manager icon smaller.

For me, moving the main panel to left or right side suffers from many bugs, one of them is how that panel’s width affect vertically the icons’ size. That’s why I don’t bother using vertical panels.

Edit: ps, just playing with it for a little caused plasma desktop to crash.


Thanks for the detailed information.
and I found this commit:

so I will try to hack the source and get the small icons back.

yes. I don’t want the icon’s size to change with the panel’s width.
I want the icon to be displayed at the size I set at all times.

You’ve got it all right, @guss77.

The most common complaint from this change has been from people with very thick vertical panels managers who don’t want their Kickoff icons to be a large square, but rather a medium-sized rectangle. If the complaints don’t go away, it might be reasonable to add a “maximum panel size” setting just for Kickoff, or for the whole panel, and it would default to “unlimited”.

We’ll wait for more feedback.


I am testing GitHub - hikaen2/plasmoid-icon-resizable-taskmanager :

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I noticed there was a need for this to work under vertical taskbars. I’ve implemented this in fancytasks. I intend on maintaining this project for the foreseeable future which should also keep the load down on the devs.
Currently it’s available on my color overhaul branch, but once I’m done and can get it merged in, it will be available in the main branch.

Example of how that looks.