How to change transparency in taskbar and system meny?

In KDE Neon 5.27 with Breeze Twilight theme I see that taskbar and system menu are transparent. I don’t want to see any transparency there. How can I disable it?

As I understood, there is no such possibility. But I, and others would like to see such setting availale in the UI, system settings dialog.

I created a bug 472260 – There are no settings for changing and turning on/off transparency of panel (taskbar) and system menu.

What do you think, dear community?

Hello @imironchik !

If by taskbar you mean the panel, you can actually make it opaque. see my response here Make the taskbar the same colour with maximised windows?

For the menu (and plasmoids in general) I believe it depends on the theme to use translucency or not, but a setting would be nice instead o having to manually modify the theme, or fork it only to change the opacity/translucency.

Hello @richarson

Theres are no more any settings in “More Options” about transparency or colors.

This is what I mean:


You should check the second option.

What version of KDE Plasma do you use? In 5.27.6 there are no such options.

Yes, there are:

I don’t have…

How strange… :thinking:     

Please try switching your theme to Breeze, even other themes like Breeze Twilight don’t provide this option as it’s not updated yet iirc :slight_smile:

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If you don’t see those settings, it’s because your theme doesn’t support them. The theme needs to opt into it. Breeze does.

No, you are not right. In any theme I don’t have such options.

Please apply the Breeze Plasma style and attach a screenshot showing the “More Options” panel.

I already removed VM with KDE Neon, don’t have possibility to make a screenshot, but believe me there are no such options.

Oh, if you were in a VM, that might have been the problem, because your VM likely used software rendering and not all graphical effects are supported in that situation.

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It may have a sense, I just wanted to test KDE Neon, to make a replacement in the future of the Kubuntu, as there a lot of bugs in KDE in Kubuntu distro. And now I don’t know what to do. Ok, guys, consider this topic as solved.

It may not be right for your use case, but you can try a live session to have a more real experience before commiting to installing Neon permanently.

Also, if you have a sepparate /home folder and/or backups (always good to jave both) you can install Neon and if you don’t like it you can go back to Kubuntu or try another distro without losing all of your customizations.

And if you don’t have a sepparate /home and still reinstall, please consider giving /home its onw partition :slight_smile:

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From my Kubuntu VM:

Some VM host software does support hardware-accelerated graphics, which will trigger this UI to appear.