Make the taskbar the same colour with maximised windows?


I’m new to KDE and have been messing around with customising my desktop and realised that my taskbar changes color when it touches a window, or when a window is maximised. Seeing as /r/kde is still private, I can’t seem to find a clear answer.

Is there a way to keep the taskbar a consistent colour regardless? Or it only a result of my global theme? If so, is there a file I need to edit to keep the colour/remove the change?


For reference, I’d like the keep the taskbar as the darker colour regardless of anything it interacts with.


Hi @PixiGuy !

If you right click on your panel and :“Enter the Edit Mode”, in “More Options” you have a chance to set the opacity of the panel.

Switch from Adaptive to either Opaque or Translucent.

(Names may vary, I’m translating from my Spanish system :slight_smile: )


That did it! Thank you so much!