How to stop KDE from forgetting all of my activities settings

This just started getting bad today, where when I reboot from my Windows 11 install, my activities are partially screwed up: wallpapers are gone, pinned apps are missing, can’t move apps between activities. The activities themselves are still working - I can switch between them, startup apps come up as expected. But until I logoff or reboot, the aforementioned functionalities aren’t available.

Now, I’ve started clearing the KDE cache whenever there’s a version change, but in the update I did this morning there were no KDE apps that where changed. Any ideas where I can start troubleshooting?

Just checked the user journal and found these errors starting on 7/13:

Jul 13 08:30:15 plasmashell[1258]: Aborting shell load: The activity manager daemon (kactivitymanagerd) is not running.

While I’m not 100% positive, I don’t remember this being a problem for the last 11 days straight. The last KDE update was done on 7/9, 23.04.2-1 → 23.04.3-1 and 5.107.0-1 → 5.108.0-1.

Sounds like 466193 – Plasmashell sometimes tries to load before kactivitymanagerd has finished loading, and fails. No resolution yet, unfortunately.

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Thanks so much for that link; it describes my situation perfectly. As with the last couple of posters on that thread, I got the abort message this morning but the activities are working fine.