How to use UTC offset as timezone identifier instead of code in #Spectacle?



How do I force it to instead use a UTC offset? Timezone codes are fairly meaningless to me, and useless for the purpose I have this configured for anyway.

I don’t think you can, it would have to be added to Spectacle.

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I suggest invoking spectacle with TZ=Z. In a konsole:

TZ=Z spectacle

If my comprehension of timezone offsets per ISO 8601 is correct, wouldn’t that just set its timezone to UTC+00:00? I don’t want that, @jlittle - I want it to merely communicate the local timezone as relative to UTC (Z/+00:00).

Sorry, I got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

If you know the places you want to save the screenshots, you could run a one (ish) line script using inotifywait -m to rename them as they are created.

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