I'm new & Download page doesn't seem to have a clickable item under Linux

For some time now I’ve wanted to empty the images of my iPhone 11 (128GB) onto my Linux Mint laptop. That has a Windows partition, so I did try iTunes on that side first, but no luck. And I loathe Windows, and am rarely on that ‘side.’ So I found a YouTube video that tells me how to get KDE on my phone (done) and the laptop (can’t find the download icon).

I have not been able to upgrade to the newest iOS, and I realise that is a dire situation. I ought to delete videos to ensure I can get security updates …

Says " KDE Connect is available in all major distributions …" but the ‘available,’ although hyperlinked, goes nowhere.

Hi. You should be able to install KDE Connect on Linux Mint using its Software Manager, which I think is called mintInstall

Thanks–that is good to know! But I’m a newbie on Linux and don’t know how to do that. ‘Sudo’ is a strange ‘word’ to me! (I’d love a list of commands I could print off.)

Does “Sudo solve all my tech problems” work? I’m not a naturally competent person in a geek or tech sense … I wish!

No need to sudo anything. If you’re on Cinnamon edition, click the LM application launcher (bottom left of the screen), type “Soft” (no quotes) and click on “Software Manager” to launch it, then search “kdeconnect” and install it.

Ha! Sheesh. That was easy. Now I get to keep the very bad ‘videos’ of me performing songs on my guitar.

Thank you.

I’ve never used that application launcher before–not to find a new, unlisted item, anyway. Of course I open darktable or Vivaldi through that …

The sudo command allows you to run a command as root if that is set in the /etc/sudoers file. That file controls the options for the user permissions when used with the sudo. Some of the time the user only has access to certain commands or when used for the root access all commands.


A link for using the command line for beginners a google search on “using the command line linux” will turn up dozens more to follow.

Thank you. I am finding that almost all of the files (.jpg and .mov) I’m trying to move to the Mint laptop are being rejected.

“Thank you. I am finding that almost all of the files (.jpg and .mov) I’m trying to move to the Mint laptop are being rejected.”

How do you try to do it? Post the command(s) here so we can see what the error(s) is/are. A description of how you do it can be helpful too. Generally until you get used to the command line try to do it graphically, copy the files you want on the Linux install to a exfat (fat32) USB stick or formatted external drive. Connect it to the machine to be copied to and it should be offered up to mount it by the file manager. Once mounted open a split screen in the file manager you will be using then go to the Pictures folder on one side. The drive location on the other then drag n drop the files into the Pictures folder. For the video go to the Video folder and do the same drag n drop into it.

I’m afraid I simply open two instances of “Files”–one for the iPhone, another for the destination folder I created in Pictures on the laptop. Drag and drop.

The first folder went easily, if slowly. Then I tried the oldest folders, and every file gave me an error, and I ‘skipped’ until I cancelled.

Background is I do not want my files on someone else’s server (iCloud). I’d rather keep them on my own.

Always a good idea never let them lock you in to their way of doing it. Perhaps a screenshot of the error then, as telling us their is one without posting what it says will never allow us any information to help you to try to solve it.

Sure. There’s not a lot to screenshot, but I’ll see if I can get something decent.
Currently I clicked delete on the one file that did copy over–deleting the iPhone folder, which is now on the laptop. It says 23 mins. more to finish deleting 17 more files. That’s very pokey!

After that completes, I’ll try another full-folder copy. I’ll screenshot that, then cancel the attempt (unless I have success).

That seems to indicate to me that there is more than the one item there. It should not take that long to delete a single file but many files could take that long. Open a Terminal and do the following.

zeus@9600k:~$ cd Pictures
zeus@9600k:~/Pictures$ ls -l
total 4692
drwxrwxr-x 404 zeus zeus   20480 Jan 27  2022  Album_Covers
-rw-rw-r--   1 zeus zeus  702485 Mar  5  2022  Artemis_I_boarding_pass.jpeg
drwxr-xr-x   2 zeus zeus    4096 Aug 28  2022  background
-rw-r--r--   1 zeus zeus  793433 May 23  2019  BoardingPass_MyNameOnMars2020.png
-rw-r--r--   1 zeus zeus   36695 May 27  2018  erin_grey.jpg
zeus@9600k:~/Pictures$ du -h
25M	./background
428K	./Music_Album_Covers/The_Who
52K	./Music_Album_Covers/Mountain
44K	./Music_Album_Covers/Randy_Travis
116K	./Music_Album_Covers/Staind
66M	./Music_Album_Covers
1.8G	.

Above you see several things the first line shows the Terminal has been opened in my home directory. The ~$ part of the line, the zeus@9600k is the username and the @ (at) hostname of the machine, the : is a separator the ~ is short for your /home/username directory. In the other lines everything after the $ is the command used. If you had the root user enabled you would see a # there in place of the $ for normal user. The cd Pictures is to cd (change directory) to the Pictures directory. You see the prompt change to the zeus@9600k:~/Pictures$ after using it by tying it in and hitting the ENTER key. It changes the prompt to show you the current directory it is in. The ls -l is the command used to ls (list the directory) using the long format the -l to show what is in the directory. The -lh use will give the file sizes in h (human readable form like KB, MB, GB) not just the total bytes. The du -h gives you a listing of the disk space used in the human readable form. This way you can tell what files are there and how much they use.

Edit: Now I think depending on how they have the PROMPT variable set in your distribution you may see different that what mine does. Mine is a fairly standard prompt of the user and host displayed along with the directory, you do not get to see the colors I do that are set with it.

zeus@9600k:~$ echo $PS1
\[\e]0;\u@\h: \w\a\]${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]\$

The above command shows how yours is set if used in a Terminal. The important part is the " \u@\h: \w\a\ " That sets the \u username, \h hostname , \w working directory, no clue about the \a with the $ for the $ separator for a normal user. The numbers you see are the colors of each of those elements that are used when enclosed by them to display in the Terminal in the colors chosen.

Thanks so very much. I’m still digesting it, and must now go off and walk dogs at -27C … and then I’ll be back.

You are welcome just take your time with it, it can be a little much to grasp when you start at it. But eventually you will be able to get used to it with more experience. Be careful that is quick frost bite territory especially if any wind is blowing to up the wind chill factor added in with all the cold. The dogs too watch out for their paws they can get it pretty quick too in that type of weather. Ah just clued into the °C used in the post definitely not an American then, must be fellow Canadian out in the western part of the country or an European who are having their deep freeze right now too, we are at a balmy -4°C here on the East Coast, it has been fairly mild all of the winter so far at or just above freezing most days.

I’m Regina-raised, but I live in Whitehorse, Yukon. I walk three little terriers daily, once a week a fourth–but he’s too cold-prone to come these days. He’ll just not follow us. I have to drive him home. Two of the usual three get their ridiculous felt booties and, in these temps, two little jackets each; the other one needs nothing. But the scenery is just gorgeous to the eyes. Thanks for your comments.

Yes, I am going to learn this stuff. Okay, that’s what I said about teaching myself music theory, finishing my novel, learning Mandarin and Irish, and many other things! There are just so many … things. young

H is for ‘human-readable’? That’s kinda cool. Much appreciated, the time you took.

“I’m Regina-raised, but I live in Whitehorse, Yukon. I walk three little terriers daily, once a week a fourth–but he’s too cold-prone to come these days. Two of the three get their ridiculous felt booties and, in these temps, two little jackets each; the other one needs nothing. But it’s just gorgeous to the eyes. Thanks for your comments.”

Ah you went from cold to damn cold for the location. Especially now it seems the weather goes back to what it was forty or fifty years ago in the western part of the country. I remember my Uncle talking about it then about how cold it was in Sask. when he used to work in the uranium mine there in the 60s. Then moved to Alberta which he said was even colder at times. Still though we do not get the weather like back then now, I have seen it change in my lifetime. We should be in the -20 to 30°C this time of year with a couple of feet of snow on the ground we had when I was a child, I have not seen anything like that in decades. Yeah never seems there is enough time in the day for everything, keep at it you will get there.

There’s dozens of cheat-sheets online that you could print out and keep near your desk.
Here’s one I found just now that may be helpful:

That will be helpful. Thank you.

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Only just now have I found the time to check out some of these commands, @redgreen925. First discovery is that Terminal is case-sensitive. No folder found went to a good folder found.

And then I was cooking and saw some text on my Dell’s screen just before … the computer put itself to sleep. I can’t wake it (and no WiFi flashes signalling it is taking in molasses-slow update bytes …), so I’m on my low-powered Lenovo Thinkpad.

Now, I am not clear how to use those commands to move all or most of the images off of my iPhone and onto the Dell (when I have some luck with that). And i’m puzzled why this KDE Connect app cannot do it?