Impossible to install wine32 on my computer on kde neon plasma 6

I have a problem today. I can’t install wine32 because :
$ sudo apt-get install wine32
$ Done Starting pkgProblemResolver with broken count: 1
Starting 2 pkgProblemResolver with broken count: 1
Investigating (0) libfaudio0:i386 < none → 22.02-1 @un puN Ib >
Broken libfaudio0:i386 Depends on libsdl2-2.0-0:i386 < none | 2.0.20+dfsg-2ubuntu1.22.04.1 @un uH > (>= 2.0.16)
Considering libsdl2-2.0-0:i386 0 as a solution to libfaudio0:i386 0
Considering libsdl2-2.0-0:i386 0 as a solution to libfaudio0:i386 0
Some packages cannot be installed. This can mean
that you have asked for the impossible, or, if you use
the unstable distribution, which some packages do not yet have
been created or not released from Incoming.
The following information should help you resolve the situation:

The following packages contain unmet dependencies:
libfaudio0:i386: Depends: libsdl2-2.0-0:i386 (>= 2.0.16) but will not be installed
E: Unable to fix problems, bad packets are in “keep as is” mode.

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Installing packages from the repos directly is not supported in Neon; you’re in “on your own” territory here. See if you can find it in Discover, which searches Flatpak and Snap.

Thank you for you answer, I try that.

Is there a way to install a wine environment on a usb-stick with flatpak or snap wine?

You don’t need a usb-disk. it should be possible to install wine through flatpack

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Did you try doing it this way?

My wine was already installed and is still working after updating to 6.0.0, but I fear it may break with 6.0.1. I think what I may do is sacrifice my Kubuntu disk for a second install of Neon User to test things with - I will start with an older ISO (i have a couple of 5.27 versions archived) and update to 6.0. I was hoping to avoid having to do that as I have other things I would rather do, but it may be necessary.

I believe this doesn’t work with plasma 6. In my case the wine32:i386 package was the reason that I couldn’t update plasma-desktop-data and I had to manually uninstall wine32:i386.

Note that it’s unsupported to get apps from the distro repos on Neon. You’re supposed to exclusively use Flathub and Snap. using apt for anything on Neon is in “you’re on your own” territory.

I get this error message every time I want to install a package: Unable to mark package “wine32-preloader” for installation or upgrade:
Depends on: wine32-preloader, but it is a virtual package.

Yes, I already tried.

I need an usb Stick to install an wine environment on it. Its to long to explain… is there a way or not?

I have no idea. Sorry.

Yes. You can create a lightweight portable Neon 5.27 (or any distro you want) installation on the USB stick and then configure wine to run on it.

To ensure it is actually portable, when you install Neon from the live USB, you first need to unset the boot and EFI flags on your existing Windows or Linux installation EFI partition. There can only be one active EFI partition on a system and if you do not unset it, the usb will not be portable but will need to remain plugged in to boot even the normal system.

When in the Live USB install Gparted. Launch it, then right click on the EFI partition, and select “Manage Flags”, deselect “ESP” and “Boot”. Once that is done, install your portable with a new EFI partition on the usb drive. Then BEFORE you reboot after install, reset the boot and efi flags on your old Windows or Linux system to allow them to boot again.

Thx shadow!
Thats not, what i wanted to have. I meant, i have an normally installed neon on my ssd, i install flatpak wine via Discover liste this:

Wine                                               org.winehq.Wine                                             7.0                  stable-21.08             system
DXVK                                               org.winehq.Wine.DLLs.dxvk                                   1.10.3               stable-21.08             system
DXVK                                               org.winehq.Wine.DLLs.dxvk                                   2.3                  stable-23.08             system
Gecko                                              org.winehq.Wine.gecko                                                            stable-21.08             system
Gecko                                              org.winehq.Wine.gecko                                                            stable-23.08             system
Mono                                               org.winehq.Wine.mono                                                             stable-21.08             system
Mono                                               org.winehq.Wine.mono                                                             stable-23.08             system

If i install something with wine in flatpak i make
flatpak run --command=wine org.winehq.Wine /path/to/.exe
(most of the time that command is not working to install the exe, so the installation breaks up and i use winetricks to start the exe in wine)

Normally flatpak uses the path


to install somethting. I want to use a prefix that installs the environment of wine into another path like an usb stick.
Is that possible or not under flatpak or snap?

Best wishes

But reading notes: “It’s to long to explain…”
See how disrespectful that is?

Ask again nicely and maybe someone will answer.

Thx for answering. Maybe my english is not good enough, but it was only to know, of it is possible.
Do you have an link that explains, how to do that?

Best wishes

I will give you info on how to FIND what to do, because I do not actually run flatpak version of wine myself, maybe someone else can help you more closely, but here goes.

Flatpak, being a closed environment only has access to that environment, nothing outside, like for example a mounted usb stick.
The environement for wine in flatpak in this case seems to be /home/user/.var/app/org.winehq.Wine.
So first of all you need to searh for how to give a flatpak application access outside of the flatpak environment.

After that, just use winetricks to create a new prefix and use that when installing/running the app.

There are also other software that could handle the wine prefixes for you, like bottles.

ok thx i will try it