Installation instructions for XWaylandVideoBridge?

I’m running Plasma on Debian 12 (so Plasma 5), and recently came across XWaylandVideoBridge, which is awesome and I want to try it out and see if it solves my work Slack screen sharing woes, since it’s sadly still an X application and so runs under XWayland.

However, in that repository, there’s no instructions at all about how to install, and I can’t find any mention of it in Debian repos, even for Trixie (testing). I looked on Flathub and it’s not there either. I did run across that it is in KDE Nightly Flatpak Index of /flatpak/xwaylandvideobridge-nightly, but I want to run stable/current, thus why I run Debian.

So how the heck do I get it installed?!

Nobody? Nothing? Nobody from KDE is willing to chime in?

Then apparently you can’t install it in debian 12 :slight_smile:

Uh, what? Just means there aren’t any stock packages. I’m perfectly willing to do the effort of my own install, but I can’t seem to find any install instructions for it on their page System / XWayland Video Bridge · GitLab. Which seems really weird.

Likewise, flatpak is out, because it has nightly. I’d be happy to do that if it was for a release version, but I don’t want to run nightlies, in general.

Well, you can always try to compile it from source, but I don’t think it would something straightforward.

Sure, I can, but why aren’t there regular flatpak release? Seems like a no-brainer. If there’s actual releases, time to get it pushed out like the rest of the KDE applications. Not just leave it sitting in limbo as a Nightly flatpak.

So apparently the person who made it just isn’t bothering to respond at all on the thread he announced it on, and nothing on the git or the issues. So disappointing it appears abandoned already.

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Sorry about your displeasure, but they don’t owe you any updates to their software. You will either have to wait until they volunteer their time or somebody else does.


No, doesn’t owe me anything exactly, but at the same time it was announced as “this great thing, start using it!” and being marked as a KDE Developer, seems like someone who works (to some degree) for KDE, and thus I expect a bit more from since it’s part of the official repos, part of the official project.

Or does KDE Developer tag just mean someone has certain commit rights/etc, but might just be completely volunteer/spare time developer?

Yes. This is exactly what it means.


Ah, then I mostly misinterpreted the tag meaning then, thanks for the correction.

I have seen all these messages over the last few days.

this great thing, start using it!” and being marked as a KDE Developer,

There was that, and it linked to the nightlies that you found then chose not to use.

There could not have been a release on flathub before, it had to go through the KDE review process before KDE promotes it as an official KDE thing. That and the dependencies being released is a relatively recent change. It could go on flathub now.

Though the main places where this was useful, Teams, Discord, have changed their integration so motivation to move forward with this is less clear.

Compilation is the same as any other KDE project. ;cmake ; make;. We don’t tend to do duplicate that.

As you want a flatpak for the 0.4 tag, I triggered a new build. It’s available here: Artifacts · flatpak (#1747504) · Jobs · System / XWayland Video Bridge · GitLab

As far as the Nightlies, there’s a reason I use Debian Stable. And Nightly, to me, means any random time I update something (flatpaks, whatever) it might update and break things. I’ve had things like that happen some times in the past. Which happens when you run nightlies, which is why I tend to stay well away from them now.

I didn’t understand the KDE review/promotion process, so thank you for letting me know about that. Has been sitting for several months with seemingly nothing happening.

Unfortunately this is still relevant for Slack (what my work uses), unless their “behind the scene changes” in the last few Linux releases is about Wayland. But no info through the general changelogs or the like, maybe they’ve mentioned in forums somewhere but I haven’t seen it, so I have no clue if, hopefully when, they fix their screen sharing to make it work with Wayland.

Thanks for generating the build, I’m hoping to see it eventually up on the general flathub, so long as Slack still doesn’t operate with Wayland apparently I’ll need it.