Is anyone else unable to see the cursor in the clipboard plasmoid Meta+V menu search bar?

It makes it annoying to type, so I hope I’m the only one with this issue. I’d like some confirmation though since it’s so minor and yet consistent.

It does seem to appear when selecting, which makes this extra weird.

i can see both the cursor within the search box and my mouse cursor (also an I-beam) while hovering over the text area


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I guess the op was referring to the Meta+V popup. And no, I don’t see any cursor, either.

Probably it’s modeled after various “quick search” designs. E.g. you don’t get a cursor in bash’s Ctrl+r search.

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I just checked the Meta+V and I do not have the cursor either.


@WilsonEPhillips, I suppose this is a bug then, considering you and I don’t whereas @jinliu does. Thanks, all.

I see no cursor in the floating Klipper.

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@medin, I’m guessing per

RokeJulianLockhart@s1e8h4:~> klipper
kf.dbusaddons: Couldn't register name 'org.kde.klipper' with DBUS - another process owns it already!

that klipper is the binary in $PATH registered for

? I wasn’t aware it was called that.

ah, so yes, when i use Meta+V the popup has focus and no cursor is shown within the text box.

but then the popup has focus so anything you type will go there.

if you click away to focus on some thing else the popup disappears

as far as the UX goes, i think that’s fine (if a bit unexpected) since the focus is captured.

i do have to question the use case for this whole interface tho, since it’ seems wildly out of place on a GUI desktop and doesn’t follow any of the expected norms for a window on the desktop.

i suppose its like krunner for your clipboard… seems like we just need a clipboard plug-in for krunner, if you ask me.

That’s not a bad idea.

I’m currently only using that floating popup because Klipper main widget’s search breaks the whole widget due to some annoying bug.


Yeah, it’s annoying. It seems to be caused by using anything except the default history value.

i see what you mean


added my pic to the tag.


That’s not the only place where the cursor is invisible.

I’d been trying to ignore it. I’d blamed that I use a lot of beta software.

Will keep my eyes out for when it occurs. They may or may not be related.

It’s Firefox, Minefield, where I’ve seen it. Inconsistent, one for sure spot in the new post overlay in Twitter. That could be a Firefox or a Twitter issue. I’d guess Firefox as I’m sure I’ve seen the issue in other places.


Can you send me a link to Minefield?

Considering that Firefox does most of their rendering in-house, albeit ultimately through GTK, that issue could be separate. However, in the event that it is, could mean that something at a lower level than the GUI toolkit is causing this, whereas I was certain this was a developer issue rather than even something caused by Qt.

The compositor (or display server in the case of X) couldn’t be responsible for this in any capacity, right? I’m certain it’s toolkit specific.

No, it’s not a bug. At least not in the klipper (the Meta+V popup menu) case.

The code explicitly prevents the text box to be focused, so you’ll never get a cursor. It’s designed that way. You may want to change that design, but it’s unrelated to other software.

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