KDE Online Accounts - Not Signing In

I’m trying to add Google as an Online Account in System Settings. This is a fresh install of Kubuntu 23.04. I’ve attempted adding Google as an online account via the System Settings and through Dolphin. I have tried it with KIO GDrive uninstalled, and with KIO GDrive installed. I get the pop-up box (web authentication for Google) asking me for my e-mail address. I input it and press enter (or click “next”) and the little blue bar moves from left to right across the box, but it never prompts me for my password or does anything else. It never times out either, it just sits there with the little blue bar moving. I can leave it for hours or days, but it still never progresses beyond this, and neither does it give me any error messages.


I have this same problem, it is affecting all distributions that I have tried which are shipping with plasma 5.27.6

Currently I am test this on KDE Neon in virt-manager, however previously I have installed:
MX Linux 23.1 KDE
Solus 4.4 KDE

On hard metal and get the same result when attempting to sign into Google via Online Accounts.

It sounds like you’re suffering from 420280 – Can't add Google account: authentication process gets stuck. It’s a known bug and nobody’s fixed it yet, unfortunately.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I will keep my eyes peeled for a fix.


I have a similar issue, I go to System settings> Online accounts> Add new account but the google account option doesn’t show up. Is there a fix?

I am quite new to the KDE Plasma distro and community and I log in to check if it’s only my problem :). I installed kaccounts-providers, kio-drive and after tapping google account login it stacks, and at last shows the same error as above mentioned. Any view to solve this problem in the future ?