KDE PLASMA BUGS fix 6.0.5 release please!

Dolphin errors do not show options when right-clicking on a file or folder :open_file_folder:. Plasmashell errors, errors in tray or taskbar icons not appearing when clicking: notifications or clipboard. Miscellaneous errors, please release the correction update.
And one of the problems here the last time I used it was for me to enter the system and then the screen went black, nothing appeared on the system black screen.
There are many problems with each is bigger.

Which distribution are you using?

If not Neon, you should be asking these fixes on theirs forums. KDE isn’t responsible for packaging on every distro.

I am using openSUSE and none of the errors you described are present.

If using Neon, I recently learned from the post below it is meant to be a testbed for KDE developers, so one might expect things to break from time to time.

I am using KDE neon. I support this project long time. 5.27 was very better man. Simply i am disapointed for now… Thinking in search for another distro… But i will wait for the bugfixes. I am from Brazil. Many people say the same: WAYLAND or BugLand? Please recover the plasma we love so and apreciate. Thanks.

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I am also from Brazil =)

I moved from neon when I still had an NVIDIA GPU, some years ago, and had problems with a driver update. Can’t blame neon for that one, but I looked for something more stable (for my daily driving).

openSUSE is a great distro in case you consider switching distros. Not very well known here in Brazil, but I’ve been running it without a problem for some years already.

Those do not sound like issues that most people are encountering. I’ve been using Plasma 6.0 from the first release and Dolphin right-click options are definitely there.

So I think it’s most likely that something went wrong when upgrading from your 5.27 release. Unfortunately not every Plasma component had a comprehensive update/migration and some customizations need to be set up again from scratch.

For Dolphin service menus (the additional options that some people install on top of the regular menu), I remember there was a thread about how to migrate your custom menu entries to Plasma 6. But maybe that’s not what you’re talking about. Hard to tell from the brief description.

I suggest you try creating a new user account on the same system, and compare that against your existing account. That way you can tell which issues are caused by bugs in the applications themselves, and which issues are caused by buggy config migration.

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