Service menu plasma 6

Good day,
i have just updated my kde neon to plasma 6 but missed the service menu by right click on the mouse to convert image to pdf and others installed in the previous plasma 5.
Any suggest about it?

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Did you try re-enabling your service menus from the dolphin settings ?

I checked in dolphin options but menu services installed first do not appear in it

The same problem here

The desktop files still are at /usr/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/ but not appears on dolphin config to re-enable

I try to find another folders related with service menus, but qtpaths (Creating Dolphin Service Menus | Developer) is not working:

$ qtpaths --locate-dirs GenericDataLocation kio/servicemenus
/usr/lib/qt5/bin/qtpaths: no s'ha trobat l'ordre
qtpaths: could not find a Qt installation of ''

Solved moving the desktop files to /usr/share/kio/servicemenus/

sudo mv /usr/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/* /usr/share/kio/servicemenus/

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I was just about to say that. Or more specifically - unless you want to have the service menus available for other users (if there are any other users on your system) you probably want to put them in ~/.local/share/kio/servicemenus

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This solves my problem on KDE6.

I’ve got one service menu with

[Desktop Entry]

It used to appear as a submenu of the ‘Actions’ menu on every file and every directory. It never appears in KDE6, neither in the ‘Actions’ menu nor in the main menu.

Does anyone have a solution?


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After reading this,


has been updated to


And it’s like before again.

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@codicem This seems to be a bug, so please fill out a bugreport. Thanks

I think it is more the service menu is probably not ported to plasma 6.
Not sure witch service menu exactly you are referring to, but it stands to reason it is included in this:

If it is a built in KDE thing and not an addon, it is a bug.

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well, MimeType= has always been part of the xdg .desktop spec; X-KDE-ServiceTypes= (previously ServiceTypes=) was always a KDE-addon - just as the Service value for Type= is.

Quoting from

Key required in older versions of KDE (deprecated):

As explained above, in KDE Frameworks older than version 5.85,
the servicemenu files are in directories kservices5 and
kservices5/ServiceMenus in the generic data locations.
In this case, the following key is required in addition to Type,
MimeType and Actions.


I understand (wrongly?) that ServiceTypes is deprecated in KDE6.

I’m under this impression too, although file location has changed.

Anyway, without X-KDE-ServiceTypes, my custom service menu is restored.

Thank you for your replies.